Chapter 11 ~ Another Sturdy Crop

Welcome back, dearest reader, to #53 Waterfall Way, where dwells the Sprout Family.
I’ve been growing increasingly apathetic towards the outcome of this story, as the goals for each generation are exactly the same; it may be time to shake things up a bit.
(Do not tell Miss Persephone Sprout’s ghost, it would be very cross with me.)
I am giving you a different angle on the opening shot this time around, which I feel is made less attractive by being able to see the pavement over yonder. Kek.
Well! I imagine some semblance of a recap is in order, if you will follow along…

Miss Persephone Sprout haunts about at her convienience. Last chapter, she found herself quite charmed with our third generation’s young Heiress…

…Miss Ceres, who grew up into a lovely, ladylike, teenaged girl, and was joined shortly thereafter (in teenaged-hood), by her younger sister, Miss Epona.
Miss Ceres never complains about the forthcoming mantle of heirship, or about having to garden in heels.

Miss Epona has proven herself to be slightly more angsty than our usual teenage fare, but convieniently she is able to channel it all into her online blog.
As there is a strict no-technology rule at the Legacy Garden, our bloggy spare spends a great deal of her time at the library.
She has also taken a job at the mausoleum, and we are all duly ashamed of her disgrace.

Master Twig grew up as well, and promptly left the Legacy Garden to live with his much older boyfriend, Demarcus Wagoner.
Eventually they married, and Master Twig conceived a daughter by his husband.
No, I am not entirely certain how, but we’ll just go with it.

Our current Matriarch, Mrs. Demeter Sprout, lost her Consort, Mr. Lief Greenapple, to a most unfortunate starvation box accident…but that’s okay, she sent for a mail-order SimBot-BFF who turned out to be her evil, mechanical love-match…

…Cordell Sprout is completely at home in the Legacy Garden, as he is a technophobe, just so long as he avoids the sprinkler.
He came with a most delightful personality, and spends a great deal of time stalking his wife around the yard attempting to mock her or jump out and scare her…

…one would think this would cause their relationship to deteriorate over time, but Cordell is a clever fellow, and always follows up with kisses, amorous hugs and woohoo…he knows how to keep his Matriarch happy.

And, not to be forgotten, the Misters Greenapple and Ramsey have been actively haunting.
Though not on the same nights as Miss Sprout. That just wouldn’t do.

Mr. Leaf Sprout, our Matriarch’s elder brother, has produced two lovely girls with his ghostly wife, Jyaolina.
Here we have the Little Mistress Lana Sprout and Miss Alma Sprout. It would appear that the Little Mistress Lana is going to favor her mother in looks.
Both girls have inherited their father’s, and Grandmother Persephone’s, pale green eyes. Charming!

This sneaky young woman decided to grace the Legacy Garden with it’s very first burglary!
Poor dear didn’t realize that creeping across the entire lot would take her quite so much time…

…there was more than sufficient opportunity to contact the authorities before she had a chance to pocket anything.

Mrs. Sprout has been spending some time down at the park meeting potential Consort candidates for her daughter.
While too young to qualify, we took note of young Orson Nunya, Willow and Aaroc’s newest baby, just as red-eyed as his other siblings!

It was during this particular visit that Mrs. Sprout met and befriended the surly looking Robbie Bland.
Robbie revealed to her that he is athletic, single, and in the business of acquisition.
Mrs. Sprout wasn’t particularily certain what acquiring entailed, but he seemed a steady enough sort of fellow, so she decided to bring him home for Miss Ceres.

This was most likely a wise decision on her part; Cordell has been giving Miss Ceres rather inappropriate glances.
Cordell: *likes wet, wiggly, half dressed Heiress*

And though she is neither mean, nor evil, Miss Epona does not particularily like her mother and has taken to acting on some rather nasty desires…

…this has done nothing to improve their relationship, and I suspect that Mrs. Sprout won’t be terribly upset to see her youngest leave home.
Epona: *is pleased with self*
I blame her upbringing; you simply did not bond with her enough as an infant, Mrs. Sprout

Demeter: *HISS*
Well, we’ve certainly never seen her make that face before!

The newest addition to the Legacy Garden decor is this portable gnubb set that absolutely everyone on the lot has been coveting.
Frankly, I do not see the appeal, but the Sprout family is simply delirious with pleasure over it.

Along with all our other neighborhoods, published or not, the Sprout Legacy neighborhood has suffered some unpleasant glitches, and required to be moved to a fresh Sunset Valley.
We packed them up with their lot, and a few other select families, and sent them to start out fresh…so Mrs. Sprout found herself doubly busy re-acquainting herself with old friends and family members.

While visiting with her youngest sibling, Mr. Twig Sprout-Wagoner, she was spontaneously attacked by his husband, Mr. Demarcus Wagoner.
As Mr. Wagoner and Mrs. Sprout were getting along quite well up this this point, the attack is somewhat of a mystery.

It should be noted that Mr. Wagoner trounced her soundly.
Mrs. Sprout’s brother does not seem overly concerned by the affair.

Oh dear, there’s that face again.
Demeter: *twitch*
Demarcus: *glee*

In any case, this is Little Mistress Jada Sprout-Wagoner, another grandchild having inherited her Grandmother Persephone’s eyes.

Robbie: *pout*
Chin up, my dear! You are the official Third Generation Sprout Consort…very prestigious!
Mr. Bland has been allowed to keep his nicknamey first name, as it doesn’t bother me for some reason.
You cannot see it due to his toque, but he has lovely red hair (squee!) and the hidden burglar trait (double squee!).
We have high hopes for his offspring.
Robbie: *sulk*

Winky the Gentleman Child Minder finds this all most distressing.
Nevermind, Winky, we quite like Mr. Bland.

Lord Ashram Nunya has grown into a very handsome young man, and has the good taste to come home with Miss Ceres one afternoon.
It has been decided that he will not be joining us in the Legacy Garden, but we will most likely take a genetic donation from him for this generation.
Ceres: *likes that idea*
You and me both darlin’.

Even the future Emperor of Evil has to do his maths homework.

Mr. Bland is adjusting well to life under my thumb in the Garden, and works hard on the athleticism he will need to top his career of choice.

Also, until Miss Ceres ages up, he has to sleep in the nursery.

We hear tell a colorful new family has moved itself into our Sunset Valley…though somewhat altered from their original forms, most will recognize this smattering of Chimerees (of Chimeree Fame).
In this incarnation they believe themselves all to be siblings, as I will not have them deciding to breed amongst themselves like those silly SimSelves.
Drat, we seem to be missing a couple of colors…have no fear! We shall rectify the situation directly! Or, sometime soon, at least.
Run free my pretties! Make Chimeree babies and stuff!

Meanwhile, Cordell has found a new way to terrorize his wife; pretending to go berserk.
Poor Mrs. Sprout, does everyone in the Garden have it out for her? Certainly it seems to be on all of their agendas.

Tired of trying to capture birthday photos in the dark, we’ve instructed Miss Ceres to grow up a few hours early on her birthday.

Mrs. Sprout and Cordell rush over to celebrate the transition…and/or make fun of her.

Well, Miss Sprout III, I’m not entirely certain that outfit works…but you may keep the blouse.
Ceres: “But I am wearing stockings!”
Yes, but you are also wearing gym shorts…

More appropriately dressed, Miss Sprout III takes an evening stroll down to the park to meet the last few sims necessary for the Celebrity Charisma Skill Challenge.
We quite adore her.

Miss Epona lurks around, playing gnubb and acting very un-excitable in her cute skull biniki.

And Miss Sprout III bonds with the only Chimeree at home.
Ceres: *is excited to meet Jet*
Jet: *kinda doesn’t like outside stuff*

Despite their differences, these two ladies enjoyed each other’s company tremendously.

Cordell is advancing quickly in his inventing skill, and enjoys smashing the vehicle of anyone foolish enough to park at the junk yard.
Shame on you Cordell!

…he’s also discovered detonation.
We are a little frightened.

Mr. Bland is progressing quickly as a criminal, he’s quite the natural, but I suppose that is to be expected.
And as you can see, he too has jumped on the be mean to Mrs. Sprout bandwagon.

Apparently having gotten over the excitement of the gnubb set, the Sprout’s all simultaneously rolled up the want to purchase a new toy: the trampoline.
Here Miss Epona demonstrates her bouncing prowess…

…or lack thereof.
We may have laughed out loud when she fell off.

Being a day or so older than Miss Sprout III, Lord Ashram has aged up nicely along with our Heiress.
Wanting to allow him to go on with his life, we have him over straight away intending for him to make his legacy contribution.
Unfortunately he had to run off somewhere before we got into his trousers. Jerk.

Cordell’s inventing has progressed enough for him to create this obscenity.
We are not yet certain how we feel about Mrs. Sprout allowing him to make holes in the Legacy Garden.

Miss Sprout III takes the opportunity to get to know her Consort better.
Ceres: “It’s okay that you’re a burglar, Robbie, I’m sure you burgle in a good way.”
Robbie: “Actually, I’m evil.”
Ceres: “But, in a good way?”
Robbie: “Errr…”

Lord Ashram stops by the following day to make his contribution, and we are proud to announce that generation four is finally on it’s way!

Mrs. Sprout and Cordell are also expecting a child…good heavens Mrs. Sprout! Put some clothes on!
Cordell is only very innocently listening to her tummy, but it looks rather obscene under the circumsances.

Much better! Both of them are hoping for a girl.
Cordell: *sounds well lubricated*
Originally, there weren’t any plans for them to have babies, but Cordell rolled up a desire to have a child with his wife: awwwes.
And then we remind ourselves that his ultimate life’s wish is to see her dead, and it loses some of it’s sweetness.

Miss Epona, despite our full-time neglect, and her part-time job, has managed to make the honor roll.

And Mr. Bland, who is only slightly less neglected, manages to enjoy the burn, and stench, of his aggressive fitness regime.

For reasons unknown to us, Cordell spontaneously decided to play with the sprinkler.
Really, we had thought he was at least moderately intelligent, nevermind that he’s a hydrophobe.
I suppose we could have cancelled the interaction, but where’s the fun in that?

Fortunately for him, he lives with very handy women, and his step-daughter promptly gives him a sound repairing.

Though, the procedure doesn’t go precisely as she’d planned.

And then, as if matters could possibly get any worse, Cordell spontaneously combusts.
Ceres: “Screw this noise, you’re on your own buddy.”

Showing more bravery and good sense than we are accustomed to seeing from her, Mrs. Sprout rushes over to extinguish her husband.
Alright, we may have encouraged her to do so…but she’s the only one who didn’t drop the command from her queue.

Shame on your Robbie Bland!
Robbie: “Sorry, I’m evil…it’s really not my fault!”

Disaster averted, Mrs. Sprout sets to work fixing him herself…and finds a most interesting option in the pie menu.
Demeter: “Reprogram? Hm! I suppose one or two little changes couldn’t hurt…”
With a few deft turns of her screwdriver, the Sprout Matriarch sets to making some slight modifications in her husband’s programming.

Good as new…or perhaps better than new?

New enough to express appropriate amounts of concern when his wife goes in to labor that evening.
Demeter: “Oh drat, I remember this…”

Welcome to the Garden, Cordelia Sprout! Paranoid and evil eh? Oi.
Named for her father, the Wee Mistress Cordelia promises to be something of a handful!
Demeter: “I’ve never had a pink one before!”

Cordell couldn’t be a prouder papa, and first thing in the morning he rolls up a want to interact with his daughter…and also, apparently, to have a bath.
Cordell, we cannot even begin to express to you what a horrid idea that is.

Miss Sprout III has decided that she would like a son for her firstborn.
Ceres: “With his father’s magnetic red eyes!”
I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind one of those.

And after a long stretch of solitude, Winky finds himself in the sitting business once again.

The Wee Mistress Cordelia takes particular delight in rooting for the evil gnomes in Winky’s stories.

Mr. Bland simply cannot help his need to be mean to our Matriarch.
Robbie: “Vegetarians suck.”
Demeter: *is sad*

Robbie: “Why do you suck so much Demi?”
Demeter: *angryface*
If we leave him idle for any period of time, he eventually makes his way over to her.
This particular interaction was “yell at”.

It’s hard to tell with the sunglasses on, but it looks like that face again.
Robbie & Demeter: *mutual dislike*

And FYI: Jyaolina Sprout will. Not. Go. Home. It seems to me I’ve had this issue before with another playable ghost in my WYD neighborhood.
She’s been here since Cordell’s firey accident.

It’s a good thing we have a spare bed in the nursery or she’d have to sleep on one of the patio chairs.

Mrs. Sprout doesn’t seem to mind though, and the next morning I find the two mommies talking shop.
Demeter: “Well, typically we name our children after plants, but I made an exception for Cordelia of course.”
Jyaolina: *feigns interest*

And about the time Mr. Leaf Sprout’s wife finally decided to go home, Lord Ashram’s baby decided to come out.

Welcome to the Garden Wee Master Ash Sprout!
Ceres: “I made a green one!”
Well done, Miss Sprout III!
What is it with me and evil sims all of a sudden? I suppose we ought to expect as much from Aaroc’s bloodline, but still!
More interestingly, his dislike of the outdoors qualifies our Wee Master Ash for the as yet unused “bad seed” role. Mwahahahas.

Later on, Miss Epona celebrates her long awaited young adult birthday…

…and turns out just lovely! And, thankfully, less angsty.
Feeling strangely romantic, I see a future of passionate encounters in this young woman’s future.
And aren’t you fortunate that your boss is your Uncle Twig!

BTW, this never ceases to be amusing.

Mrs. Sprout is well pleased with her first grandchild, though she feels a tad young to be a grandmother.

Luckily, Cordell is always around to remind her she’s still a hot, young mama.
This expression is quite reminiscent of her snarly face, only, more alluring.

The new and improved (boring) Cordell has been a busy SimBot, and now a master of the inventing skill, he has some time to sit back and play with his toys creations.

His miner finally paid off as well, and we found a nifty little crocodile in this sparkly tunnel.

Miss Epona finally gets around to telling her sister about her new position in the science career track.
Epona: “Beakers!”

Unfortunately, Miss Sprout III is not at all pleased with this turn of events.
Ceres: “Swirly molecules are not for good Sprout women!”
Oh dear, I have a feeling this may be a point of contention between the two of them in the future.

In other news, here is a random glimpse of our SimSelf’s twin girls, Cubs and Dilly Humphreys.

And a more recent photograph of Master Twig’s little girl, the Young Mistress Jada Sprout-Wagoner.
A rather pretty child, isn’t she.

Elysia SimSelf-Wiggins enjoys the park next to the Sprout Garden with her husband (Roberto Wiggins) and daughter (Sherri).
Oh very well, that’s enough spare/simself spam, back to the actual legacy business…

Perhaps feeling keen to garner her sister’s favor, Miss Epona fills in Cordell’s mining holes in her underthings.
Unfortunately, my dear, I think it will take more than that to convince her you should keep your job; she’s quite set in her ways, you see

In keeping with my new found love of ageing the Sprouts up in daylight, Little Mistress Cordelia blossoms into an enchanting tot.
She has those pretty green eyes so popular lately with many of the Sprout descendants, and it leaves us to wonder: what parts are Cordell?

Yes, random pictures of wet laundry can only mean one thing! We’ve at last come to the end of what nonsense I’m able to squeeze into an update!
Not to worry though! There’s plenty more nonsense to come!
So next chapter I’m thinking we’ll do some more babies, that’s always a crowd pleaser. Some drama might be fun too, yeah, drama and babies! Woot.
Hugs and kisses! XD

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