Chapter 12 ~ Bumper Crop

Hello, hello! Here we are once more at #53 Waterfall Way, Sunset Valley.
We are all absolutely thrilled to have little ones playing in The Grove again, Winky especially.
I suspect he feels rather ignored when there aren’t babes underfoot. Poor dear.
In case it has slipped your mind, the little green fellow swinging in the hammock is Wee Master Ash Sprout, firstborn of generation four. He was sired upon our Heiress by the red-eyed aspiring Emperor of Evil, Lord Ashram Nunya, who has the distinction of being entirely SimSelf bred.
The dark haired tot playing with the xylophone is Little Mistress Cordelia Sprout, the third born, and youngest, of generation three. She’s the charmingly wicked result of our ageing Matriarch’s curiosity about where robot babies come from.
And speaking of ageing Matriarchs…

…it’s time for ours to do just that.
Demeter: “Whee! Birthday for me!”
Well, I’m glad you’re taking this so cheerfully! Some folk aren’t at all pleased about all those incoming wrinkles.
Demeter: “Wrink–?”

Demeter: “Oh…bother.”

Demeter: “I has wrinkles and no waist.”
Let’s just leave her be for a few moments to be alone with her bunions, we’ve got one more birthday to celebrate with you…

Oh hells yeah! Red hair and eyes in one go…I adore you, my evil little boy.
We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as he grows up, especially since he’ll be left 100% on autonomy.
Little Master Ash has the distinct honor of being our legacy’s first Bad Seed. Reminiscent of TS2’s Wacky Boolprop Challenge Bad Apple, my Bad Seed is going to be left entirely to his own devices.
Can’t wait to see what he gets up to.

Mr. Robbie Bland, our current Legacy Consort, is climbing up the ranks of his career at a respectable pace.
Doesn’t look very cheerful about it though, does he?
Robbie: *mean-guy face*
There really isn’t much more of interest to say about our dear Mr. Bland, except that he carries the hidden burglar trait, and he’s really the least evil of all evil sims I’ve ever had.
With the exception of harrassing Mrs. Sprout from time to time, he mostly just tries to snuggle the little ones and jump on the trampoline.

Here we have Little Mistress Cordelia’s elder sisters, the Misses Epona and Ceres, who both aged up last chapter in to the lovely young ladies you see before you now.
Miss Epona, the younger of the two, has always had aspirations beyond the restrictions of Sprout Legacy life. Currently she is a budding scientist, which leaves little time for her writing hobby.
Miss Ceres, the eldest, and our current Heiress, is proper Sprout material. Though only recently aged into a young adult, she has already achieved her Lifetime Wish, mastered the gardening skill, and had a baby.
As different as night and day, but we are equally fond of them both.
Normally, I would next update you on Cordell, but since he is now boring, there’s really not much to say: he digs holes and feeds babies.

Straight off the bat, the Little Master decides to cause a rucus for his poor Granny Demeter.
Ash: “Nuh nuh nuh!”
Demeter: “Gracious, child! Sit on the framming potty!
Mrs. Sprout! Language. It was clear straight away what the trouble was; our firstborn did not care to use an outdoor toilet.
His distaste for the outdoors left him in far too foul a mood to be co-operative.

There, problem solved, good as gold.
Demeter: “How peculiar.”

In order to keep the Little Master content, we bought him some toys of his very own for the sitting room.
His Auntie Cordelia still plays most happily with hers in The Grove.

And now that there are no more podpeople on the lot, Miss Sprout III and her Consort, Mr. Robbie Bland, get down to the business of making more.
Look at that face! Wicked girl.

Robbie: “I feel…used?”
Ceres: “Drumstickssss…”
Those had better be tofurky drumsticks, Miss Sprout III.

Apparently Mr. Bland has decided to bury the hatchet with Mrs. Sprout, and autonomously offers to train her on the treadmill.
Mrs. Sprout, having recently gone to flab, eagerly acepts. I suspect she wasn’t anticipating all the falling and yelling though.
Robbie: “Move it, you shapeless hunk of flesh! Faster faster!
Demeter: *flails and panics*
Perhaps I am mistaken about his motives.

It isn’t long at all before Miss Sprout III begins to take on a roundish shape beneath her sundress.
She has yet to develope a gender preference for this offspring, but if it is a girl, she will not automatically be named Heiress; we’ve decided a bit of competition is in order this generation.

The ghosts of the dearly departed are still about.
If they’re not drinking and napping, they’re playing gnubb, as demonstrated by the late Mr. Ramsey here.
We have a theory that the afterlife might just be one long cruise.

Demeter: “Guess what? I’m pregnant!

Robbie: “Omigawsh!” *stunned*
The fact that he didn’t know is a touch disconcerting. These are apparently the same powers of perception that make him the Con Artist he is today.

Robbie: “Oh hai baby!”

But as the sun came up, her mood took a turn…
Demeter: “You are evil, and I don’t approve!”

Robbie: “Aw, c’mon babe! I’m evil in a good way, remember?”
Fear not, Mr. Bland, the mood swings will pass…we hope.

Distraught, Mr. Bland confides in his sister-in-law.
Robbie: “It’s like, sometimes I wonder, does she really love me? I mean, she used to be down with the whole evil thing, and now? I just don’t know who she is anymore…”

Robbie: “She should be more nice and understanding like you, Pona.”
Epona: *delight*

Mrs. Sprout is busily tending to her absolute favorite morning activity: fishing in her nightie.
If we do not monitor her carefully, she will do this until she looses bladder control.

Miss Sprout III spends a great deal of her time with the children, she is quite the natural.
While not family oriented (she rolled good sense of humor as her final trait in case you were wondering), her wish panel is always packed full of tickle/snuggle/toss so-and-so.
We have no doubt all her babies will adore her.

Speaking of which, Cordell’s frantic robotic cries brought our attention over The Grove, from whatever else we were doing at the time.
At first, we thought he was going to short out again, what with the sprinkler being on and all, but that was not the case.
Cordell: “The baby is coming!”
Ceres: “Are you sure? I don’t feel anything…”

Ceres: “Oh…wait…no, okay, yeah…there it is.”
Demeter: “Wheeeee!”

And after a few hours of huffing, puffing and squawking, we welcome Wee Master Sticks Sprout to the Legacy Garden!
Looks like he’s giving us a wink and a thumbs up, eh? Cheeky fellow.
Like his mother and his older brother, the Wee Master here favors the color Turquoise. He is athletically inclined (like his da), and a loner…poor dear, this generation promises to be a bit crowded, he likely won’t fare well.
Well, regardless of that, he’s a lovely shade of pale green, though he appears rather pink next to his mother.
Ceres: “Two for two on the greenies!”
Well done, Madam. *politegolfclap*

It’s easier to see the greeness when Mr. Bland is holding Wee Master Sticks.
He’s terrific on his nights off, when it comes to baby minding duties, quite handy that we don’t have to rouse anyone out of bed to tend to the little one.
You can imagine the gut busting laughter when we came across the wish captured above…I can honestly say we did not anticipate that play on words.
Highly amused. Perhaps more so than is normal.

The rest of the his evening was spent at the graveyard, as it’s the only place where there are folk about in the middle of the night, and Mr. Bland had a desire to use a charming introduction on someone.
The lucky recipient of this was Seona Chimeree, disguised in the hideous papercarrier uniform.
Heaven only knows what she was doing in the wee hours of the morning hanging out at the graveyard wearing that.
Robbie: “So, then, I was like ‘chalkboard’, and then she said…”
Seona: *wants to go to bed, please shudup legacy person*

Back at the Legacy Garden, people are beginning to stir, and a lovely shot of 3 generations of inappropriately clad Sprout Heiresses captures my attention.

And then Robbie ruins the moment by sneaking up on Mrs. Sprout.
Robbie: “Babies! Er, I mean boo!
Demeter: “Ermahgerd!”
I get the feeling they will never truly bury that hatchet.

Miss Epona catches Mr. Bland on his way to bed for a quick social boost.
Epona: “I’d like to get married one day!”
Sort of a deep conversation for 5 in the morning dearie.

The morning light finds Little Mistress Cordelia masterminding her pre-school plot with Little Master Ash.
Cordelia: “First, I will lure them in with freshly baked goods…”

Cordelia: “…then, I will charm them with my cool, yet sunny, disposition…”

Cordelia: “…then, BAM! Sleeping with the fishes! Mwahahahas!

Ash: “I will hire evil minions with my loads of cash to do all that for me.”
We will be honest; this child frightens us a little.

Cordelia: “You’re such a tool…but I am fond of you regardless, nephew.”

Mr. Bland had to report something back to Hrootbeer, who is apparently in the medical profession.

Hrootbeer: “Hm, Robbie Bland.”
Robbie: “Hrootbeer, eh?.”

…but I’m guessing Mr. Bland is a bit envious, Hrootbeer lives here with her husband and teenaged daughter.

As a matter of interest, Hrootbeer’s daughter, Maryanne (above), is in a high-school relationship with Master Twig’s daughter, Jada Sprout-Wagoner.

While some sims aren’t too fond of experimental backlash, Miss Epona seems to enjoy the thrill of chemical fallout.
Epona: “exhilarated*
Well, let’s get you home for a shower, no need for the entire town to see you cycling about in your charred underthings.

Back at the lot, Jet Chimeree seems to have stopped by to talk crazy to her BFF, Miss Sprout III.
Ceres: “It’s Jet. She’s nuts.”
After giving our Heiress a ‘creeped-out’ moodlet, Jet went merrily on her way.

Robbie: *tries to steal candy from toddler*
Robbie: *fails at being evil because toddler won’t put down damn block*
Give it up, my dear, it just isn’t meant to be.
Robbie: *sigh*
Now make yourself useful and put them to bed.

Here is a little reno we did to the master suite.
We had to shelve Miss Sprout’s original bed, as it became bugged and wouldn’t allow anyone to sleep on it.
We feel she would have approved of this replacement.

Come morning, Master Twig stops by for a visit with his niece, but it doesn’t go very well.
Ceres: *wants dbag gone like now*
So much for building their relationship.

And Miss Epona follows up with a little freakout.
Epona: “BOOKS!11!1!!”
We are moderately confused, as she is not neurotic. Perhaps this comes from being exciteable? Hurm.

Later on, Little Mistress Cordelia works on a last bit of business before it’s time to celebrate her next birthday…

…and oh my! Cordell has hidden chubby genes perhaps?
Young Mistress Cordelia Sprout has been invigorated with a strong sense of adventure.
Cordelia: *wants a cookie*

Cordelia: *randomly freaks out about self*
This is permissable, as she is neurotic. Carry on.

Right on his Auntie Cordelia’s heels, Little Master Sticks tots up.
It seems that mouth of Mr. Greenapple’s is determined to haunt us eternally.

And in other news, Cordell made Winky a new friend.
Winky: *tremble*
Spaggle the Soup-Can Gnome is a touch on the scary side.

Cordelia: *plots evil nuclear stuffs*
Is it just me, or is she too cute and squishy to be properly evil?

Cordelia: *luvs mommy*
I rest my case.

Mr. Bland and his terrible luck are finally accepted in to the Master Thief career path.
We are pleased to see him back in stripes once more.

And the following day, Young Master Ash, our red-eyed Bad Seed, follows his Auntie Cordelia in to childhood.
Puts us in mind of a polite young gentleman on his way to disassemble a corpse.
Ash: *is watching you*

Gratuitous picture of Miss Sprout III teaching her son how to speak.
She is currently at best friend status with her youngest sister and both her sons.
But, perhaps, she should have invested some of that energy into her romantic relationship?

Robbie: “Pona, I have a confession to make…I’m totally in to you.”

Epona: “That makes me SO happy!”
Robbie: *digs that*

Robbie: “May I–?”
Epona: *blush*

Mr. Bland swoopes in for the first kiss.

Epona: “Oh Robbie! What do we do now?”
Robbie: “Well, how about…”

Robbie: “Shiny!”

Ceres: “WTH Robbie Bland! You’re proposing to my sister now?”
Robbie: “Whoa, back off Sprout-zilla, s’not like you wanted my shiny!”
Epona: *swoon*

Robbie: “In fact, you didn’t want much to do with me at all after we made Sticks! A man has needs you know Cee!”
Ceres: “Poopoo on you and your needs, Robbie Bland, I should have expected as much from an NPC…”
Ouch, Miss Sprout III, there’s no need to be snooty!
Epona: *so in love*

Robbie: “Whatev, me an Pona are so outta here.”
Ceres: “Good! Get off my lawn!”
Epona: *Robbie is so amazing when he’s dissing my sister*
I suppose we should have seen this coming…

…they’ve always gotten along well…

…and had taken to spending their free time goofing around together.

We suppose it was only a matter of time.

So Miss Epona Sprout and Mr. Robbie Bland run away together in to the night.
Well, alright, I suppose ‘run away together’ is a bit of an exaggeration.
What really happened is they hopped in a car and drove off into town. And that’s about it.

Life went on as if nothing at all of importance had transpired.
Miss Sprout III pondered her situation as she tended the garden that morning, and came to the proper conclusion: a new Legacy Consort would be needed.
This time, however, she would do the choosing herself.
The matchmaker, Twallan, had been hard at work setting up the citizens of Sunset Valley, and the pickins were slim…

…but word had it a new SimSelf had recently moved in to town.
Mr. Julien Cheese felt a little out of sorts in his own skin, as if something were not quite right…but regardless, it was nice to be in Sunset Valley at long last.

Julien Cheese is the SimSelf of one of my real friends, Julie, who generously donated (and allowed me to gender alter) her sim for my own devious purposes (and some face time), thanks Julies! :p

And it wasn’t long before one of the townsfolk came over to greet him.
Ceres: *sees good seeding potential*
Don’t look now, Mr. Cheese, your life is about to get a great deal more complicated.

Ceres: “Welcome to Sunset Valley, I’m Miss Ceres Sprout, Third Generation Heiress of the Sprout Legacy…I hear you’re single?”
Julien: “Er, well, yes, I supposed I am.”
Ceres: “Splendid! Care to move in with my family and be my official Legacy Consort?”

Julien: “Of course I will! Thought you’d never ask!”
So Miss Sprout III hauls her SimSelf conquest up to the waterfall.
Ceres: “Want something done right, do it yourself!”

Up at the Sprout compound, things immediately heat up.
Ceres: “Musn’t waste any more time! I still haven’t gotten an Heiress!”

Mr. Cheese is very co-operative…

…and affairs progress as anticipated.

Immediately afterwards, Mr. Cheese jumps out of bed to brush his teeth 3 times.
Julien: *loves it*

Young Master Ash reads a pregnancy book in the sitting room, completely ignoring his homework.
Ash: “This knowledge is crucial to my plans for world domination.”

And this chubby-cheeked creature is Steve Wolff, brought home by Young Mistress Cordelia.

Cordelia: “He will be the first of my minions.”

Miss Sprout III goes over to have a chat with her eldest son.
Ash: “I am friendly, mother.”

Ash: “So friendly, in fact, that it would give me great pleasure to take care of that burglar problem you have.”
Ceres: “Oh, well, thank you dear, but that won’t be necessary…”
Ash: “Fair enough, fair enough, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

Mrs. Sprout has her reservations about the newest member of the family.
Demeter: “Gender confused SimSelves just aren’t my thing is all.”

Fortunately, the feeling is mutual, so no one is hurt.
Julien: “Ew, old green lady in loud dress; kek.”

Obligatory morning sickness picture…because we haven’t had one in a while, and they are sort of a staple of legacy writing.

Mrs. Sprout discovers a confused woman wandering around the lake next door and goes to investigate.
She finds herself making friends with a french tourist who teaches her a couple songs.
Mrs. Sprout is tone deaf.
We had to remove our headphones to keep from wanting to scratch off our ears.

Little Mistress Cordelia has once again brought someone home from school, this time it’s Osvaldo Rosado-Chimeree.
Osvaldo: “I want you to love me.”
Cordelia: “Er, will you be my minion if I say I love you?”
For those who care, Osvaldo is one of Cocaine’s get. My those Chimerees work quickly.
Little Master Ash had better start bringing people home from school, his Auntie Cordelia’s Super-Badgirl Army is growing much more quickly than his Doom Soldier Squadron!

And while digging through a scrap heap at the junk yard, Miss Sprout III realizes she is once again with child.
Ceres: “Oh, I hope it’s another boy!”
Silence heathen! You will give us a girl this time!

Little Master Ash wandered over to stare at his Auntie Cordelia’s guest, who was using the swing.
Osvaldo: “Er, I’ll just be getting off then.”
Ash: “That would be best.”
Osvaldo: “Right, well, ehm…”
And then he ran off. We really don’t blame him.

Other than shooting everyone dirty looks, our little Bad Seed doesn’t do a greal deal of trouble making.
Cordelia: “Yummm…nuclear falloutssssss….”
He enjoys doing his homework at 2 in the morning….

…and quite happily eats the fruits and veggies we leave around for him.

But refuses to sleep in any other bed other than his Auntie Cordelia’s.
And only when she isn’t in it of course. This is somewhat annoying, as we will have to relocate Little Mistress Cordelia in order for her nephew to get a good night’s rest.

Little Mistress Cordelia succeeds where Wee Master Sticks’ own father failed, and swipes his lolly.
Heaven knows where he was keeping that.

Mr. Cheese is adjusting quite well to legacy life.
He is the most obsessive compulsive creature ever, and constantly desires to brush his teeth or wash his hands multiple times in a row.

While now largely ignored, Mr. and Mrs. Sprout still have a terrible case of the hots for one another.
They are constantly desiring to kiss/woohoo each other, which is sweet in a strange old lady-robot love connection way.
Cordell secretly desires to have another child. Blarg.

Spaggle has been missing for a while now. Winky says that he does not know where the Soup-Can Gnome has gone.
Highly suspicious if you ask me.

As with most newly adopted family members, Mr. Cheese is chained to his books for the time being.
Poor fellow, how is one supposed to do silly things to gain popularity with sim-blog readers if one is constantly parked on a chair reading books?

We felt there weren’t enough photographs of Wee Master Sticks.
So here you are.
I have never before seen a toddler afraid of toys because they are cheap…poor little fellow.

Some of you might remark how much we enjoy taking pictures of toddlers on the potty.
It cannot be helped, they make the best faces when they’re, ehm, concentrating.

I was admiring Mrs. Sprout becoming a juice-o-holic, like her mother, when I noticed something.
Spaggle! How on earth did you find yourself all the way over here?
Naughty gnome.

Apparently he and Winky had a disagreement, and he felt it was only appropriate to find a flower patch of his own.

And you all know what the crazy panic dance of uselessness means!
That’s right, it’s time for Miss Sprout III to pop out another little one for us.

While we waited, doing other things, there came the most horrific blood curdling screams…ah, it would appear the children are home from school and have discovered the laboring Heiress.
And that Chimeree spawn has found its way over here again I see.

Oh please, please, please be a girl…

Bless your dear, dear, heart, Mr. Cheese, you have assured the continuation of the legacy! Take a bow, Sir!
Oh, well, I supposed you had some part in it too, Miss Sprout III

Welcome, Iris Sprout, to your new home!
Iris is so named by her father’s alter ego, RealPerson Julie.
She is both Good and Friendly, which will do, though we were hoping for something a bit spicier. Oh well, at least she isn’t neurotic or evil, those are quite over done in this legacy.

And that will be all for now!
So, we’ve had some babies, and a bit of drama, as promised…next chapter?
Well I imagine the children are due to become teenagers, so there’s that.
Hm, another baby perhaps? More birthdays? You never know!
Stay spiffy XD

<–Chapter 11 Chapter 13 –>


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