Chapter 14 ~ Another One Bites The Dust

Thoggus, Dark Emperor of the Seas, welcomes you back to #53 Waterfall Way!

I’m simply mad for the new graphic effects of the Nightlife Late Night expansion; shiny waters!
One can only speculate what Mr. Ramsey would have looked like in his underoos if he’d been born into this era of extreme muscle definition. *fansself*

Anywho! Last time in the Legacy Garden: the Sprouts achieved promotions and various accolades, the kids had birthdays, Miss Sprout found a smexy futuristic catsuit, Master Ash and Miss Cordelia were amusing and pervy, someone singed Mr. Cheese while he was sleeping, another podperson joined the family, and ROCKET BOOTSES!!1!

Hooyeah, Lisa did fun times family tree arts and crafts XD
Okay, so we’re missing a couple of pics and I didn’t bother with extra-extended family (like Lord Ashram’s siblings), but otherwise it’s quite complete and up to date!

I can already tell it’s going to be a pain in the rear end to sort this thing out in another generation or so.

In other news, it is the weekend again in Sunset Valley. *sigh*
Also, we now have 9 sims on the lot. *double sigh*

Let’s avoid it for a few more moments and do a randomly ordered character recap, shall we? Ooo, yes, lets do…

Young Master Sticks Sprout, a middle child, is tragically ignored by both myself and his family.
Though, perhaps, tragic is the wrong word; he doesn’t seem to mind the lack of attention one bit.

Last chapter he aged up, did his homework all the time, and frolicked happily.
[insert something witty here about his hidden sneaky trait being responsible for me never noticing him]

Why Mr. Cheese, what a lovely derriere you have!
Mr. Julien Cheese is our gender-altered SimSelf yard-slave, and current baby daddy. He tends the garden and study’s when he’s not out working at the science lab. Word has it they make him tend the garden there too, poor sod.
He really doesn’t do anything more interesting than get promotions, but I love him for being my man-Julie.

Little Mistress Iris is the first, and only, fourth generation daughter, and is all that is good and adorable.
In fact, she’s sort of like a Ceres-clone…I’m not saying we dislike her, but would a little variety be too much to ask? Srsly?

There was a slim ray of hope with Miss Sprout’s last pregnancy…

But as you can see, that didn’t exactly pan out.
Wee Master Pepper Sprout (named by real-Julie), seems likely to follow in his Great-Grandfather Ramsey’s footsteps.
Well, okay, Mr. Ramsey wasn’t athletic exactly, but he did have athletic ambitions, which is pretty much the same deal.

Winky the Gentleman Child-Minder Gnome keeps his young charge well in hand, as he has for 3 generations of Sproutlings to date.
Winky: *waves*

Last chapter our esteemed Matriarch, Mrs. Demeter Sprout, indulged in hot robot-lubbins, and mastered her fourth skill…next up? Athletics!
Cross your fingers that she has enough time, her life bar is full, so the clock is ticking…

Master Ash has expanded his hugging circle to include his mother; he’s been doing extra hugging lately, and while it appears innocent enough, one cannot help but wonder what sinister intentions are lurking around in that devious mind of his.

Miss Ceres Sprout, our current Heiress, did nothing useful last chapter *glare* moving on!

Utterly fabulous with her rocket bootses and brand new boob-job, Miss Cordelia steals the show in the Legacy Garden.
Last chapter she did a lot of pervy hugging and bed-sharing with her nephew.

As a side note, since installing the expansion, Miss Cordelia has received a few surprise “upgrades”, other than the new chests that is: her voice is roboticized, and she has a robot need panel with the hygiene locked out…does this mean she’s a skin job now?? :O
Interestingly, though her hunger bar is entitled “scrap reserves”, she cannot consume scrap metal and still eats only regular food.

Naturally, I am going to have to throw her in the shower to see what happens.

Cordelia: “Balls to you.”

Ooo, and I discovered she’s immune to fire…to say she’s my favorite is a bit of an understatement.

Lastly, our bad full-blooded (oiled?) robot who likes to break things, Cordell Sprout.
He pretty much just painted last chapter.

I did not bother tacking up his trait icons again, they are boring anyways…except for the part where he is also immune to fire, that is sort of interesting for at least 15 seconds.
Well, I guess it’s weekend time…

Right off the bat, we send Miss Cordelia to the pool for a swim; the only ill effect was her “charge” bar drained itself and she rocketed back off to bed.
Well poo.

Master Ash decided to spend Saturday morning in his jammies playing ebil chess and pondering his greatness.
Even his bubble portrait makes displeased face.
Ash: *makes ebil WTF-are-you-looking-at eyebrows*

Break the Skin-job, Attempt #2: “the shower scene”…

Unsuccessful, dammit.

Cordelia: *ebil robot stare*

Huh, when did she get so creepy?

Break the Skin-job, Attempt #3! The dreaded sprinkler that nearly did her father in…

Newp, no effect! Clearly Miss Cordelia is highly resistant to water damage.
Also, she does not appear to need to change out of her everyday clothes for any reason, including bed time.

In fact, the option isn’t even available to changes her clothes anymore O.O

And then Wee Master Pepper’s portrait went yellow and he was not in his hammock where I had left him…ruh oh.

Ash: “Wilbur, this is my new baby brother with whom I am oddly enamored.

By the time I found them, Master Ash had delt with the offensive diaper and was introducing Wee Master Pepper to our Legacy Beetle.

Clearly concerned for her newborn’s well being, Miss Sprout ran on over straight away.

Ash: “It pours the sunflower seeds out of the package, and then it backs away from the baby.”

Ceres: *stares at son in bewilderment*

Ash: “Come find me later if you want a hug.”

And then he tucked the sleepy little fellow in to bed and stood over him creepily for a few hours with candy thievery queued up.

In other news, the rather unfortunate looking Miss Alma Sprout seems to have decided to breed with her elderly boyfriend.

I have a notion I can predict what sort of haircut their child will favor. >.>

Enter the extremely sinister music.

Demeter: “Swimming with the fishes?”

‘Fraid so luv.



Ooo! Look! You got the big pretty one!

Demeter: “Looks roomy!”

Demeter: “Been a pleasure Mr. Reaper!”

Grim: “HURHHH??”

Mrs. Demeter Sprout, our Generation Two Matriarch, passed away at 91 days old, having only gotten her athletic skill to 6.5, dawww 😦
Shortly after this photo was taken, we received word that her brother, Mr. Leaf Sprout, had gone to his final rest as well.

Only Young Master Sticks seemed at all troubled by the occasion at first.

Though Master Ash rushed to Cordell’s side to see how he was taking the news of Mrs. Sprout’s passing.

Ash: “Are you okay? Do you need a friendly hug?”

Cordell: *wants to go paint*

Ash: “He doesn’t look good mother, best to zap him with your moodlet thingy just in case.”

It should be noted that Master Ash did not require zapping, as he was not in possession of a “mourning” moodlet…however he was fiendishly delighted…brat.

Ceres: *Zaps her step-father obligingly*

Ash: *looks on with pleasure*

Cordell: *is bewildered*

Cordell: “Honoes my wife is dead!” *sobs*

Ceres: “I must’ve done it wrong?”

Ash: “No, no, it’s all good, just give it a sec to kick in.”

Rest in peace Mrs. Demeter Sprout!
Mrs. Sprout get’s her own nook in The Grove just down from her mother, right next to the baby toity.

Let’s take a moment to remember how cheesed I am that my founder was robbed of her big tombstone by stupid glitches that wiped out her want panels and prevented us from racking up enough points…

Survived by her husband: Cordell Sprout, a brother: Mr. Twig Sprout-Wagoner, 3 daughters: the Misses Ceres, Epona, and Cordelia, and 4 grandchildren: Miss Iris and the Masters Ash, Sticks, and Pepper; she was a lazy mother, had awful taste in men, and a juice bar problem, but she was good enough to pop out 3 girls, and she will be missed!

After zapping away her own “mourning” moodlet, our new Matriarch takes her hot young self down to Jet Chimeree’s formal party.

Other than herself, Jet, and Lisa Bunch, the party consisted of Mrs. Shadey Bruce (wow that SimSelf gets around), Misters Inky and Denim Chimeree, and some creepy bloused child named Daniel Mayfield.

Unfortunately Miss Sprout got called away on a delivery opportunity and had to leave early.

Ash: “I like being a vegetarian.”

Ceres: *vacantly ponders son*

Beautiful morning #20,987ish dawns in Sunset Valley, and we are only a little peeved that Cordell’s lifetime wish hasn’t yet been fulfilled because he actually has to see his dead wife’s ghost…what if she never haunts? I’ve seen that happen you know! What if she comes out and he’s spending the night off at a new girlfriend’s place? It could happen; he’s a hot piece of machine! Silly thing to hinge an entire lifetime want on a thing of chance if you ask me!

Ceres: “I have very big, beautiful purple eyes!”

Yes, please to be passing them on to another daughter, kk?
But not the mouth…the mouth can die in a fire.
Anyways! Now that Mrs. Sprout has gone to ground, *gigglesnort*, I have a special treat for you!

Ceres: “The portable gnubb set! You brought it back?!?”


Julien: “So, I was thinking Cee, we’ve been together for over a week now, and I’d like to do something to celebrate our love and honor your mother…

Julien: “So how’s about you wear my shiny and we get hitched on the lawn?”

Ceres: *gasp* “Oh Julies! I though you’d never ask!

Julien: “Hehe, well, I know it’s been in your want panel for quite some time now, and seeing as it’s in mine too, what the hell, right?”

Julien: *puts shiny on finger*

Ceres: “Can I wear my catsuit at the wedding?”

Julien: “No.”

And as if a wedding weren’t exciting enough for one day: Happy Birthday Young Master Sticks!

Sticks: “Honoes! My blissful childhood!” *sniffle*

Yeah, sorry about that…chin up dear, you’ll be a young adult in no time!

Sticks: “But I don’t want hormones!”

Sticks: “Good thing I’m smexy!

Okay, that’s quite enough attention for you! Obligatory vegetarian trait selected, back to more important legacy goings on…

Miss Cordelia can fake passing out! And she snores binary code like her dad XD
Why the sudden bid for attention, you might ask?

Because it’s wedding party time! Hm, we haven’t had a party in the Legacy Garden since the early days of Miss Persephone’s man hunting!

Everyone was booing at Jet, poor Jet.

Master Twig, not even yet an elder, was in attendance, as was Robbie Bland (elderly guy in the tan slacks). Also, one of my SimSelf’s twins showed up!

Cordell rocked out on his guitar for the entertainment of the guests, nevemind that he doesn’t haven any guitar skill points.
Apparently Lord Ashram Nunya doesn’t approve, but Miss Lana Sprout (Leaf’s youngest) seems to be having a good time.

Finally, as the sun set over the horizon and the tiki torches flared up, the lovely couple exchanged rings.

As she had a legacy to carry on, Miss Sprout became Mrs. Sprout and her new husband took the surname Cheese-Sprout.

The guests were riveted.

Colin Rosado (who is married to Cocaine Chimeree’s son Osvaldo): “Hee hee! Robot!”

Osvaldo and Jet: *distracted by awesome tiki torches*

We’re pleased that Mr. Bland and Mrs. Bland-Sprout showed up! And Miss Lana too, of course, though the poor thing was a bit of a wreck the entire time, as, if you’ll recall, her father has just passed away recently…Mrs. Sprout gave her a sound zapping after the ceremony.

Moment enriched by wailing infant…

And apparently Mrs. Bland-Sprout only just realized the sun had gone off for the evening. Quite startled herself with it too.

Julien: “I cannot believe what some of these people are wearing at my wedding!

I hadn’t realized Miss Jada, who looks ravishing by the way, had come to the wedding until I saw her with Wee Master Pepper in The Grove.

Anyways, after this affair, Cordell developed an interest in mixology and jamming…most perplexing; he used to be such a nice robot.

And the happy couple celebrated their union with some non baby-making woohoo…the game seems to think it’s their “first” woohoo *boggle*.

The party was a great success, despite Cordell’s guitar playing.

And who should condescend to visit us in her bathing suit? Why the late Mrs. Demeter Sprout of course!

Ghost of Demeter: “Juuuuuuice!”

Welp, he’s seen her, she was wealthy, but no kaching lifetime reward complete *sigh* figures.

Cordell: “Ew! Gross!”

Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…

In his hurry to use the toity the next morning, Master Ash finds himself walking in on his new step-father in the shower.

Julien: “Whoa! Dude! Awkwarrrd…

Ash: “Honoes! Naked guy who is woohooing my mom!” *is scarred for life*

Ceres: *is so stoked to be married*

Ceres: “Oh! Hello there, where did you come from?”

Iris: “Apparenlty I just aged up in front of the toity.”

Ceres: “Oh, well, that’s something of a tradition around here.”

And Wee Master Pepper soon thereafter became Little Master Pepper.
Reddish brown hair and dark blue eyes, not too shabby, but not quite worth a squee.

And now, onto the next phase of my brilliant plans…

Cordell: “Hey baby, what’s your sign? Ceres: *huff* “For realsies?”

‘Fraid so luv, ‘fraid so.

And as Cordell began to work his pimping mojo on our newly wed Matriarch, we had a rare and exciting Spaggle sighting!

[Rare and Exciting Spaggle Sighting]

Julien: “So, I guess this means the honeymoon is over.

Did you get a promotion today?

Julien: “Define “promotion”…”

Well in that case, yes, the honeymoon is over.

BUT, look what I bought you as a wedding present!

The Sprouts have more money than I know what to do with, it’s a curse really.

AND, I attacked the yard with tiki torches because I was tired of not being able to take any pictures at night…classy, I know.

A couple of sim-hours after this picture was taken, Mr. Ramsey’s ghost totally fell off of the trampoline, it was epic.

Cordelia: “Are you ready for this?”

That’s right boys and girls, this morning was super-duper birthday spam morning.

Cordelia: *is fabulous and she knows it*

First up, our water-resistant skin job sparkles up into zebra-rific fabulousness…

…and next up, looking uncharacteristically happy and cross-eyed, Master Ash.

Normally, Master Ash wouldn’t have his birthday at the same time as his Auntie Cordelia, but I’ve just installed a new mod that re-arranges the lifespan days to be more realistic, making it instantly his and his Auntie’s birthday as they’d gone over the allotment for teen days.
I like it.

Ash: “I’m not sure about the hair.”

It’s hot.

Ash: “Rather shocking if you ask me.

I have to say, I’ve enjoyed theses two more than I do most, but all good things must come to an end, and so we bid our pervy-evil duo a fond farewell.

I am extremely anxious to see what they make of themselves when left entirely to their own devices!

Mrs. Sprout buys the pair a lovely little starter home just down the road, which blessedly uses up most of the spare cash.

And life in the Legacy Garden goes right back plodding along.
Mrs. Sprout teaches the toddler his skills…

Cordell works on his painting skill…

…and Mr. Cheese-Sprout fails at getting promotions.
That’s twice in a row now.

Julien: “I’m just really valuable as a Carnivorous Plant Tender, I’ve bonded with the specimens.

I’ll bet even that guy in the nutty coat gets more promotions than you.

To make it up to me, Mr. Cheese-Sprout takes Little Master Pepper to the library for some father/son bonding time.
They study separately together, dawww!

And later that evening as the family is heading off to bed en mass, Cordell decides to short out for no apparent reason.

Not to worry, he snapped out of it on his own eventually.

And Mrs. Sprout finds that she is in the family way for the fifth (and final) time.
If this one is not a girl I am throwing in the towel.

The following morning was as sunny and normal as ever.
But Mr. Cheese-Sprout awoke to the realization that something was not quite as he’d left it.

Julie: “I think I have boobs.”

Having done his/her baby making duties to our Matriarch, it was time for Mr. Cheese-Sprout to revert to his natural state of Julie-hood.
This, we are certain, will give the needed promotion getting skills that man-Julie was lacking.

Julie: “They’re not very big boobs though, are they?”

But they have a lovely shape.

Julie: “Well, in a top such as this, it doesn’t really matter anyways.”

In other news, Mr. Twig Sprout-Wagoner has had his late husband’s second daughter, Miss Erin Sprout-Wagoner.

I have absolutely no clue where that pale hair has come from, Mr. Twig is in no way related by blood to the late Mr. Greenapple.
Pretty though!

And Master Twig has finally elderfied! The last of Miss Persephone’s children, somehow this makes me a little sad.

And Mrs. Cheese-Sprout takes over the ex-Ebil Love Nest…what with her gender confusion and Mrs. Sprout’s sudden affinity for robot lubbins, she felt it was appropriate to find alternative accommodations.

[Rare and Exciting Spaggle Sighting]

Winky: *does not like*

Sure enough! Promotion day! Mrs. Cheese-Sprout is now an Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker.

Julie: “You’ve destroyed my marriage and corrupted my self image! All I have left is my work!

BUT I bought you a hot tub

Julie: “Fair enough.”

While soaking it up in the tranquility of the hot tub, Mrs. Cheese-Sprout came to a sudden decision about her future.

Julie: “No more SimSelf lubbins for YOU, Mrs. Sprout!”

Ceres: *does not approve of Mrs. Cheese-Sprout*

Ceres: “I don’t understand! What happened to my marriage!? We had it so good!”

Julie: “You should have thought of that before you let a robot climb up on you!

Ceres: “I did what I had to do for the awesomeness of the legacy! It was a sacrifice.”

Plus, I wanted another skin job baby.

Ceres: “Plus she wanted another skin job baby!

Julie: *wants to go look at art*

Dawww, chin up Julies, you get to be a successful scientist AND…

One day you get to be buried here!

Welcome to Stoney Falls Rest, the Sprouts decided to purchase the next door park and convert it into the resting place for their dearly departed
Every classy legacy family needs their own graveyard, it’s the thing to do.

Pepper: “Excuse me people! I’m having a birthday here!”

Young Master Pepper grew up much like his brother Master Sticks, and rolled vehicle enthusiast for this third trait.
We’re rolling with it, hence the jumpsuit.

Later that morning, Miss Sprout’s hybrid spawn decides to grace us with it’s presence…

Well, it’s a girl! But gosh darn it, she’s not green 😦
Well, that quite settles it, Little Misstress Iris will succeed her mother as Heiress, for we are quite done having children this generation.

That being said: Welcome to the Legacy Wee Mistress Jonquil Sprout!
The Wee Mistress Jonquil originally rolled Good and Clumsy as her two traits, but, sorely pressed for variety, I permitted her a re-roll and she came out as an Eccentric Couch Potato…lucky for her, we do indeed own a couch.
This young lady also has the niftiest roboticized baby voice, robo-need bars, and she began life with the instant granting of 2 inventing skill points and 5 handiness skill points.

We are enraptured.
AND, Miss Sprout and Cordell simultaneously rolled up the want to get married straight away.

And well done Miss Cheese! She’s gone and gotten herself another promotion, Mrs. Epona Bland-Sprout is there to share in the glory.

Julie: “Does this mean you aren’t going to sacrifice me for your colored ghost collection?”

Well…I…ah, no, sorry.

Welp, that’s it for this chapter!

Join us next time for more Sprout-ish fun times?
Things to look forward to maybe: boring Heiress growing up, awesome robo-spare growing up, Cordell trying again for lifetime wish, Julie becoming world renown scientist rewarded with untimely death…and who’s gonna be our new Heiress’ Consort!

Fail grave of Persephone bids you good day!

<– Chapter 13 Chapter 15 –>


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