Chapter 19 ~ Reseeding

Obligatory scenic opening shot can only mean one thing…MOAR SPROUTS!

Last time was birth of Little Mistress Aspen, the onset of childhood (and subsequent dismissal to boarding school) for Little Miss Rowen, the de-vamping of Dr. Suvie (for science), Cordell and Mrs. Sprout being gross, new kittehs Dinosaur and Rocky, and basically nothing as interesting as Skinny Dipping Burglar.


Oh Mrs. Sprout! You hussy you!

One moment of indiscretion…

…and BAM. Pregnant. X 2.

Kids TV and watermelon cheating brought to you by the Let’s Get This Shiz Done Foundation; L.G.T.S.D.F. is hoping for a double brood of triplets, I’m not sure the overstuffing mod settings will cooperate though.

Iris: *moving picture fascination*

Ohnoes a SimBot?

Dan: “WTF toddler!”

Wow, what happened to your hair man?

Dan: *runs off*

Can’t leave those Simselves alone for a minute I tell ya.

Dr. Suvie (and Mrs. Sprout) is ready to pop, we think she has, like, 20 babies in there or something.

Also, we finally received a missive from Miss Jonquil! Apparently she’s a bit weary of Peace and Love and wonders what’s so bad about War and Hate. Well TOUGH BEANS Miss Jonquil, we’ve already paid for that Peace and Love. Go whine at Fluffy about it.

Awww, waddling off to the treehouse to make woohoo.

Hopefully this will jump-start the delivery and we can get a look at the gender/volume of wee ones we’re about to be invaded with.

Random pic of Mrs. Sprout rinsing her bottom in the sprinkler. Little does she know her leisurely days of hot tubbing, juicing, and sprinkler dancing are coming to an end…

We threw a swimsuit party to celebrate the births. They went into labour simultaneously, but Mrs. Iris spent half her huffing and puffing time freaking out about Dr. Suvie.

Among the crowd of spastics we have (from left to right), Mr. Pepper Cheese-Sprout, Mrs. Lana Keaton-Sprout (Leaf’s daugher), Miss Cubs Humphreys (my SimSelf’s daugher), Princess Leylia Nunya, and Lord Ashram Nunya…who is apparently mourning another wife?

Ashram: *still heartbroken over what’s-her-name Nunya*

Noe Fitzgerald, on the other hand (Twig’s second husband/widower), is on the prowl; though I’m not certain what he expects to find at a pool-party-baby-shower.

Noe: *scoping for hunnies*

Them hunnies are hot for labour. Now you know.

Iris & Suive: *synchronized baby-pouffage*


Ashram: “why, plumbob, WHY??”


Simmers, meet the Wee Masters Cedar and Dogwood Sprout.

The L.G.T.S.D.F. has disbanded in shame.

We are tempted to ship them off to be raised by some random relative.

This moment is saved for you by Ridiculously Cute Kittehs Noming Each Other. Omg, the cute…it is nearly too much…I need a moment…

Much better. Awkward segue anyone? Yes? Cool…

Aw, Mariah has a baby!

LOL, with old Malcolm Landgraab.

Nice catch there Mariah.

Dr. Suvie is having a midlife crisis and got a “feeling fertile” moodlet…she’s already rolled wishes to read her pregnancy book a couple of times and both assholes want a boy.

Iris: *wonders where cute baby kitteh is at*

So, I thought it was only fair that Cordell get’s a pet too. You know, something he can really bond with.

Cordell: “Whosabigboywantsomecandy? Ohhh, yes he does, yes he does!”

Cordell: “Rawr, hey there foxy-momma, you ever been with a cowplant tamer?”

Ceres: “Bench. Now. You stud.”

These two continue to paw at it each other whenever they get the chance.

We’re giving the brats ladies another chance to redeem themselves.

Suvie: *hides*

Bahahaah, too late Dr. Tofu-Sprout; you’re already knocked up!

Wishing Well! For funz!

Ceres: *develops a sudden interest in exercise*

Flux me, you’re going to live forever now, aren’t you?

Cordell: *wishes for happiness*

Apparently all Cordell’s happiness is in his nether regions.

And this is relevant because Dan is dating my daughter; now you know.

So bad things happened and I didn’t play this family for a while. And by “a while”, I mean, like, a year? Ish?

Ceres: *has something awesome under here to show you*

Ceres: *awesome toes*

Oh me! 😀

So, we packed everyone up in the car (Dr. Suvie rode with the cats and the girls in the trunk)…

…and plunked the Legacy Garden down in a shiny newly booted up town.

A very flat, green, foggy one.

And then we remembered zombies.

Meet Fence 2.0…hopefully easier for the sims to operate than original Fence.

Also, Little Miss Aspen aged up somewhere between before and now, so here she is in all her Good, Workaholic, Grumpy, glory!

Aspen: *thinks Rowen is swell*

I’m going to keep this chapter short, boring, and confusing…and leave you all with visions of green matriarchs.

Man, we need some more awesome eyes; purple is cool, but it’s getting done

Next time! Craxy gets her act together and takes some interesting pictures! Maybe. We’ll see. And more babies! Yaaaay.


Maybe the cow plant will eat someone? That’s always good for a laugh.

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