Chapter 27 ~ Love, Death & Zombies

Welcome back, fellow simmers, to 66 Oak Grove Dragon Valley…


As the army of melting igloos can attest to, spring has finally come to our garden…we’re hoping the main hobbity-hole ladder corrects it’s moody behaviour now that the snow has gone.

Last chapter we moved to a new location to help eliminate lag and glitches, and so far we have been pleased with the absence of both lag and glitches.

As promised, here is an aerial view of the hobbity-hole burrow for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Also, last chapter:
– Miss Rowen = PlantSim for the lulz
– Underoos, gnomes, colourful service sims, ghosts
– Miss Blossom, Mistress Ditto and Bulb shipped off to Peace & Lurve
– I am an idiot at editing sims
– Excessive critiquing
– SimBot-PlantSim hybrid baby

Wilbur the Legacy Beetle approves of the new burrow, especially since he has a nice view up that lady’s skirt.

Let’s have a quick boo at the current state of the family…

The newest member of the Sprout family is the PlantSim baby that Cordell grew and harvested, Cordell Jr., whom we shall henceforth refer to casually as “Jr.”

While Jr. is very green and gardeny-themed, he is also incredibly useless, being both male and not of the legacy bloodline.

I’m not certain what I plan to do with him in the future now that I have him…he’s a bit like a knick knack, actually.

Not unlike our accidental-Rowen clone, Mistress Ditto.

Shamefully neglected since creation, Mistress Ditto built an army of igloos and played with her imaginary friend all last chapter.

Said imaginary friend, Bulb, was real-boy’d on impulse, and turned out to be a bit of a Weeds-clone.

They are a creepily well matched pair.

Both Mistress Ditto and Bulb have been shipped off to get them some Peace & Love.

And while we’re on the topic of boarding school, we’ll toss a mention to the absent Miss Blossom, one of our Generation 6 twins.

Miss Blossom was sent away to satisfy one of her mother’s whims, but it’s just as well since we’re quite certain she’s The Spare.

Here’s her bedroom in lieu of a recent photo.

The other Generation 6 twin, Miss Petal, is most certainly our next Heiress, seeing as she’s got colouring as yet unseen in the legacy bloodline, and is an imaginary friend like her father.

She’s been very active and amusing thusfar, and has shown an interest in a blue-skinned-pointy-eared school friend.

Miss Petal doesn’t approve of either my choice in statues, or our free-range gnome collection.

The other imaginary friend, Weeds, is the official Generation 5 Consort…which sounds very impressive, but basically just means he’s Cordell’s current whipping boy.

Weeds enjoys doing as many things as possible in his underoos, including work at the military base where he is still a Squadron Leader (lvl 8).

Weeds would dearly love to go to a bar…any bar really, but we make him skill and mind babies instead.

Miss Rowen, the young Generation 5 Matriarch, was fed forbidden fruit last chapter, and quickly succumbed to PlantSimness.

She’s done having babies, so we’ll just keep her that way; love the eerie yellow eyes.

Miss Rowen, given that she was born a vampire, has the super-speedy-skilling glitch…this means she maxes out all skills we set her to in only a few sim-hours, which also means her LTW was beaten to a pulp early on and there is precious little left for her to do other than wander aimlessly around the garden.

Someone else who has precious little to do is our rusty old SimBot lurker, Cordell.

I keep telling myself I’ll do something interesting with him, like skill challenges, but in the end he always ends up in the same place; washing kittehs.

These kittehs.

Spirulina and son, Spooky, like to catch critters and fleas and hang out with Cordell.

They are both getting on in years and we’re nervous that another Grim Reaper visit is right around the corner.

A final honourary mention in the roll call goes out to the family ghosts; we’ve enjoyed watching their shenanigans, and for now are content to let them wander.

One day, when they get annoying, we’ll build them a proper graveyard of their own.

And now that you are sufficiently recapped on the state of the family, let’s jump right back in to Miss Rowen serenading dear little Jr. with her Shibata String Bass.

Jr.: *snores*

Miss Rowen, as you can see, is clearly thrilled off her rocket to have an unprotesting captive audience.

I see someone forwent work-underoos today.

Weeds: “Workeroos are for Squadron Leaders; I’m a Top Gun.”

Congratulations Mr. Tofu-Sprout!

Weeds: “Vampire-lounge?”

Lol no.

And then, BAM, double-Weeds winning at life.

Still a no on the lounge.

But since he was due some variety of reward, and since we’d accidentally clicked on a midlife-crises makeover wish and locked it in…

Weeds: “What says “Top Gun Tough Guy” to you, Fintan?”

Fintan Mithrilen: “You’re seriously asking the guy who wears scale mail for fashion advice?”

Weeds: “Mail might do wonders for this caboose.”

I don’t disagree.

But in the end we went for something more basic.

Weeds: “New underoos and a haircut; yep, feelin’ mighty fulfilled.”

We tried the elf hairdo on him, but he looked way too much like a green-tressed Legolas cosplayer…it’s the cheekbones.

Also a new shirt.

Weeds: “Welcome to the gun show.”

We even let him mooch 2 simoleons off Fintan…are we not magnanimous?

And here’s why Cordell is BFFs with all cats…this is what he does on free will.

Even cat loving sims like poor Weeds don’t stand a chance with a kitteh stalker of this magnitude.

Because normal sims have to do things like work, and skill…and, you know, sleep.

Cordell: “Losers.”

Look what you’re doing with your life.

Downstairs in the burrow, Miss Rowen is beginning to show the early signs of her own brand of obsession.

Rowen: “Who wants to hear Aunty Ro play piano? Jr. does, that’s who!”

She’s been at it alllll day.

Meanwhile, Miss Petal does her homework autonomously.

I love this about her.

Weeds: “Rowen is in the waaaay!”

Seriously man?

Weeds: “I want to play with the baby, it’s my turn!”

Yes, we still have our Holiday Tree up. Deal with it.

We sorted out the cat/baby stalkers in short order.

Idk what I’m going to do when Miss Rowen maxes out on all the skill items on the lot.

Fun random story; Miss Rowen was rolling up wants to invent stuff, so we set her loose on the workbench; she caught on fire, then got electrocuted, then rolled up the wish to sell the workbench…we indulged her on that wish, and she hasn’t rolled up a single inventing desire since.

I love sims.

It’s Tuesday morning, and Love Day is on the horizon; the Misses Sprout enjoy a pre-school pillow fight with Dr. Suvie creepin’ in the background.

3 generations in one pic!

Meanwhile, Weeds has another day off, and chooses to spend it mixing drinks in his underoos.

Weeds: “I just dropped some shiz.”

Does anyone else think that broken glass on grass sounds extra dangerous? I mean, how would you see the bitty pieces of foot slicing death?

After beating her eldest with a pillow, Miss Sprout settles down to what she hopes will be another long day of entertaining Jr. with her plethora of instruments.

I don’t remember the last time I saw her dressed.

It’s at this point that I figure we need to fun things up a bit around here…

…and what better way to fun than with a birthday party?

Yes indeedy, Jr. gets the (dubious) honour of being the recipient of the Rare & Elusive Sprout Birthday Shindig™.

It kicks off in the usual manner…

…ladder-traffic jam.

I ain’t even kiddin’ with you.

Cordell rolled up a burning desire to know things about this teen guest…lets’ not speculate…but she zombiefied after his charming introduction.

Nothing the moodlet manager couldn’t sort out, but still; RUDE.

Miss Petal cornered her beau near the bookcase for a bit of awkward teen flirting.

They were both so taken by the festive spirit of the shindig, and their romantic moonlit-first-kiss, that they decided to go steady.

It was starting to get late, so we decided it was time for the main event; Cordell volunteered to do the honours.

Cordell: “TOUCHDOWN!”

Don’t you freakin’ dare.

This pic about sums up how that whole cake thing went.

Try and try and try again; he couldn’t move from that spot while carrying Jr., and no one else could take Jr. to the cake.

Eventually all the guests went home. Weeds autonomously went to bed sometime during the mess. Miss Rowen and Miss Petal did their best to stick it out; bless their little green hearts.

bad party
So even though Cordell is a Legendary Host, the party blew goats.

This is why SimBots cannot have nice things.

He finally just auto-aged.

Jr: *is damn cute*

Where does the DNA come from though? *boggle*

In other news, zombies can totally use ladders.

Biatch went right for our flame fruits.

Ghost of Julie Cheese: *smirk*

Cordell was roused to deal with the situation.

Enya: “My hero!”

Cordell: “Nice dress; it would look good on my bedroom floor.”

Still a better love story than Twilight?

Ghost of Persephone: “Boooooooo!”

It’s comforting to see that Ms. Demeter is still getting picked on in the afterlife; for continuity of course.

We had a haunt-a-thon the night of Jr’s birthday disaster; I resisted the temptation to take dozens of ghost pics for you…you’re welcome.

rowen garden skill max
After all the skills Miss Rowen has hax’d her way to the top of, we almost forgot to get the one that really counts in this legacy!

Congo-rats, Miss Rowen, you are now truly the Sproutiest of all Sprouts.

WTF are you?

Maid: “Hi! I’m Lashanda Berrios, your new maid!”

But, but…you’re HUMAN coloured! Where is my blue guy? Or that pink woman before him?

Maid: *gasp* “Are you a COLOURIST?!”

No! I swear! I have lots of human coloured friends!

Maid: *is judging you*

Ahem, anyways…we popped on over to Miss Petal’s school to sign her up for after-school activities, and whoa! What an beautiful building.

I love the architecture in this town.

I also love flower puddles.

Especially when they follow cute little toddlers.

And then there’s the awesome jogging Heiresses; Miss Petal, on top of always doing her own homework autonomously, wishes for things like learning skills.

Petal: *likes to better herself*

I’m really excited about Generation 6, Petal is both sassy and competent.

Anyways, enough of that, we have some TERRIBLE news to report…

Grim: “HUR HUR HUR.”

I knew it was going to happen this chapter 😦

The Misses Sprout were suitably bummed out…

…Weeds was super busy, or I’m sure he’d have been bummed out too.

Jr.: *wishes the nice man would put him to bed already*

Cordell, however, was absolutely beside himself with grief over the loss of one of his kitteh friends.

I missed the actually kitty-poofing-into-the-ether bit, oopsie.

Farewell, Spirulina…you were the bestest gift-kitteh ever!

We laid Spirulina down next to Dinosaur in the grave-nook; R.I.P. little buddy.

Oh yeah, see? There’s the bummed.

Actually, that’s a bit more than bummed.

Weeds: “Why do kitties have to die?” *sniffle*

After moodlet-managing away all the grief, we sent everyone off to bed except Miss Petal.

We’ve decided she’s going to take up sculpting as her thing, isn’t that exciting? Damn rights it is.

Innyhoo…so now it’s Love Day in Dragon Valley, and Miss Rowen and Weeds no longer desire to woohoo one another.

They were up for a romantic photo in their underoos though.

Determined to get a bit of Sprouty-lurve going in the air, we sent our Matriarch and her Consort down to a party in town at some random person’s house.

They got their flirt and kissy-face on without complaint.

But things began to go awry once they got inside and started to mingle.

Weeds: “Whoa, check this ginger out!”

Emma the Homewrecker: “Oh my plumbob! What a hunk!”

I missed the hart fart; it was a big one.

Rowen: “I’ll cut you.”

bad weeds
We can’t hold Emma the Homewrecker completely responsible though; it looks like Weeds getting ideas.

fail bar
Which is not too surprising since this is the state of their relationship right now.

So I figure, hey, I just need to get these two macking on one another again and all will be well; like how I got them together in the first place!

So we send Weeds over to Miss Sprout for an amorous hug…

wtf kinky
…and then that woman rolls up this weirdness.

I’m shocked at you Miss Rowen Sprout! Are you…a sharer? O.o

Well, doesn’t that just figure; we manage to do away with all that incest and now our Matriarch is getting all kinky.

Surprisingly, everyone was totally into the idea…so, oh, okay.

Emma the Homewrecker: *this dude totally works out*

Big shocker there.

What the good-gosh-darn am I going to do with you creeps now?


And then suddenly Miss Sprout gets a bee in her bonnet about the whole thing.

Weeds: “Whoa darlin’, I thought you told me to kiss Emma the Homewrecker!”

Rowen: “I told you to kiss another sim, bonehead, not Emma the Homewrecker.”

Rowen: “Oh yeah, hit me up with those sweet blue rays of happy.”

It didn’t really help…

oh snap
…the damage has been done.

So, okay, Weeds and Miss Sprout have their hate on for each other now, we’re packing it up and sending everyone back home; there are spare bedrooms, it’ll be fine.

And what do I see when I pan back over to the house? Cordell, what the rabbit are you doing?

Cordell: *plays with baby like a sweetheart*

He must still be having feels from his trauma.

Weeds’ midlife crisis wanted facial hair so we gave him a little bit of rakish stubble.

Weeds: *is a player*

And the Love Day From Hell comes to a close with Miss Petal finishing another sculpture of a mostly naked man.

Petal: “My parents hate each other.”

Yes, yes, I know, I’m sorry, I’m a terrible simmer who likes to click silly buttons.

Petal: “They’re getting a reputation and making me look bad…also, these thighs are amazing.”

The next day sees Weeds finally reaching the top of his career path.

Weeds: *my self is awesome*

And Jr. smashes out the last of his skilling goals.

It is a day of accomplishments.

Cordell even manages to score a date with the maid.

We hope this one doesn’t turn into a crazy fangirl like Miss Dennis.

Though she’s looking pretty tasty out of her uniform; Cordell could do a whole lot worse.

They hit it off pretty well, even left to their own devices; surprising, since Cordell usually manages to piss other sims off in a matter of seconds when he’s not being supervised.

In fact, it went so well we let him ask her to be his steady girl.

She was SO into it.

There’s no accounting for taste I suppose.

Cordell invited her to join him at the local theater for a grand finale.

Burlgar: “Hello, my name is Flynn Ryan, and I am here to burgle you?”

Oh good! He knows how to use ladders. >.>

So…you going to actually burgle anything?

Flynn the Burglar: “Things are sort of heavy; you have any cash just laying around?”

We roused Miss Rowen to phone the police, but Weeds had ideas of his own on how this was going to go down.

Weeds: “Do you even lift bro?”

The answer is no, no he doesn’t.

Double biatch face.

Weeds: “Shiz dude, here comes the po-po! Do you think she saw me lay you out? What’re we gonna do?”

Flynn the Burglar: “Seriously bro, be cool, I got this.

Weeds: “Oh, you’re here for that dude! Yeah, that’s what you get for trying to burgle in MY garden.”

Rowen: *flower kiss*

She did this autonomously, it was so sweet…maybe there’s hope for these two yet?

Also, our mail lady is super cute.

wtf rowen win
Suddenly Miss Rowen becomes the leader of all nerds…because that’s how she does.

Which is great, because yay extra trait.

Still, we’d like to know how it happened…did she play a game on her tablet or something?

Er, no, some angry social interaction with Weeds apparently.

Whatever, she random rolled handy.

And then Cordell has his first ever kitteh-fight when he tries to bathe Spooky.

Spooky had let himself go a bit in the hygiene department; I think he’s still depressed from losing Spirulina.

aw buddies
After she’d had some time to cool down from their morning domestic, Miss Sprout decided she’d like to make up with her erstwhile lover.

She opened up the lines of communication with a bit of pillow fighting…

…he reciprocated with a funny internet video.

broke maid
Then they bonded over their mutual contempt for Cordell’s love life.

Still, that explains why Lashanda the Maid is so damn hot for our old rust bucket; she wants his monies.

not fair bitches
Finally it was time for Jr. to age up into a child…only, because his bladder bar is blocked, we couldn’t potty train him; so even though ALL his other skills were learned: DIFFICULT UPBRINGING. 😡

I don’t really really know why I’m whinging; I’d have random rolled his new trait anyhow.

It’s the principle of the thing really.

Anyways, we’ve decided to let him keep his weird leaf outfit…it’s fabulous.

3/3 of Cordell’s get are chubbysaurus…I think it’s fair to say Cordell breeds true.

We let him bunk down with his old man, since it’s cute.

Also I didn’t feel like redecorating one of the bedrooms.

In other news, these two are back on again.

Ignore Miss Sprout’s worried eyebrows; she’s into it.

See? It’s legit.

Crapnuggets; I forgot to recolour that bloody candle.

Raccoon: “WTF bush?”

Confused raccoon is confused.

So let’s call that a wrap for this chapter, and end on a high note.

Next chapter, you say? Well, here’s what I figure:
– Various romantic shenanigans
– Jr. becomes a teen
– Petal does prom
– The Gen 6 twins = young adults
– Maybe some skill challenge win
And hopefully no new kitteh death!


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1 thought on “Chapter 27 ~ Love, Death & Zombies”

  1. Why do kitties have to die indeed. So sad.
    And how unfair on Junior’s trait being locked in.


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