Chapter 29 ~ Repotting

Welcome back, lovely simmers, to our little green corner of the Simverse!

01-13-15_6-02 PM

As you can see, things are not quite the same from where we left off, as this is most definitely not Dragon Valley.

And this…

01-13-15_5-47 PM
…is most definitely not the Heiress you were looking for…Or is it?

Last time in Legacy Garden we had some earth shattering, legacy-killing, power surge action that brought our little story to a very abrupt, very irredeemable end.

Well, barf on that, *I* get to say when this rambling, often-ignored legacy is over, plummit!

01-13-15_5-49 PM
So I laboured over a likeness of Miss Petal Sprout.

This is the best I can do, but I think she’s pretty darn close to the original!

If only they had darker green hair *le sigh*.

01-13-15_6-18 PM
And, since we think it may be fun, we’re starting out fresh and poor for these last few generations, and keeping this a green-skin Matriarchy in the style of our Sims 3 roots.

Miss Petal was the Generation Six Heiress, so her children will be Generation Seven, and so forth.

Lastly, in the interest of full disclosure, I am using 2 non-aesthetic mods; one that allows adults and elders to have teen jobs, and one to control the spawning of bajillions of townies, as we are not big fans of bloated files.

01-13-15_6-30 PM
We’re even going to be good sports and buy the knight statue guy thingy.

01-13-15_6-33 PM
Petal: “I like this! It looks expensive.”

Continuing with the theme of being good sports, the expensive statue is going into the family inventory for the remainder of the legacy.

01-13-15_6-43 PM
Since none of the wild plants are ready to be harvested yet, we’ll have to find another way to get our hands on some seeds…

01-13-15_6-47 PM
…which meant using something we would not normally allow in the Legacy Garden.

Though, after selling this getup, we lost §230, so I think we’ve paid a fair penalty.

01-13-15_7-01 PM
Petal: “Great-great-great Grandmother Persephone would approve I think.”

01-13-15_7-18 PM
She would also approve of our charming little outhouse!

After the computer, the seeds, and the outhouse, we weren’t left with enough money to buy anything but the cheapest of beds, so we’re foregoing that pleasure for now.

01-13-15_7-29 PM
Petal blasts through her first aspiration milestone and her first level of gardening in short order, so it’s time to satisfy the fishing whims her “loves the outdoors” trait is throwing.

01-13-15_7-34 PM
Petal: “Feisty bugger.”

Well, at least it’s vegetarian?

01-13-15_7-49 PM
Petal: “Squee! Master fishersim!”

This little wiggler put her over the edge into confidence, so we decided it would be a good time for her to try her hand at socializing with her new neighbours.

Petal: “Now I want a pool!”

Sweet plumbob in the sky woman.

01-13-15_7-58 PM
Down at the park, Petal met some of the local talent; I’m certain the tattooed fellow in the red shirt needs no introduction, but the fellow at the chess table is Gavin somethingorother.

01-13-15_8-01 PM
In no time at all, a crowd began to form to welcome the new sim to Willow Creek.

Either that or they all came to stare at the only green person in town.

Petal: “Would someone grill up some tofu dogs please?”

01-13-15_8-04 PM
The highlight of the trip, though, was when Megamind showed up a hot mess. Regina Ashby does not approve.

01-14-15_6-12 AM
The gentlemen in this town are all quite handsome, I must say!  From left to right we have Luis Ashby, Don Lothario, and Christopher Tripp.

01-14-15_6-13 AM
Gavin Richards, in particular, has the most charming freckles.

We’re not sure why Megamind chose to come loaf around the park looking like a vagabond; it must all be a part of some nefarious plot, as I know for a fact that he lives in a big fancy house with Jack Frost, Alistair Theirin, and Zevran Arainai.

01-14-15_4-47 PM
No one seemed inclined to make Miss Sprout any tofu dogs, so she had to splurge on some grilled fruit.

She stood staring vacantly while the fruit cooked with a grilled cheese thought bubble…sorry sweetcheeks, no fermented cow pus for you!

We now officially have Outdoor Retreat, btw, and it rocks our green, simmy, little world.

01-14-15_4-53 PM
Petal: “Hey, this grilled fruit is pretty darn good!”

Damn skippy! I’m so excited for furniture made out of logs, you have no idea.

01-14-15_4-58 PM
Gratuitous shot of Miss Petal with squirrel cheeks full of fruit.

She’s so adorable it hurts.

01-14-15_5-04 PM
Ta da! We had to sell one of the outhouse windows to afford the tent AND the cooler, and it wont let her store her leftover grilled fruit in there, but it does dispense food and look how cute it is!

Miss Petal sat in her tent and read Wilderness Digest for a few hours before turning in; she needed to cool off a bit from her fit of pique over Megamind’s insults.

Oh that Megamind, he’s such a spunky fellow!

Petal: “I am not having that miscreant’s spawn.”

You can also “defuse in tent” when your sim is angry!

01-14-15_5-17 PM
The cooler can also be used as a seat; Miss Petal sat and ate her granola then pondered what to do about the empty bowl.

Petal: “We never used to have dishes when I was growing up.”

Luckily they had a little unicorn bin for §25.

01-14-15_5-24 PM
I’ve never seen one of my sims whistle while they garden before, Miss Petal is clearly digging it.

01-14-15_5-31 PM-2
And another fine prospect waiting for Miss Petal’s friendly introduction; Zackary Greenberg was found loitering by the fishing hole.

Petal: “I suddenly feel like using a bold pickup-line and whoohooing in a tent.”

Whoa there girl, slow down; let’s start with “hello”.

01-14-15_5-56 PM
Zackary bolted pretty quickly though, so he might not have been as in to her as she was him.

No matter, we hit up the gym for a shower and a fun boost; Don Lothario was there. He is always there. In all worlds, in all gyms, Don Lothario is there.

Bryson Dobbs talked about bears. Which is amusing because he sort of looks like a bear.

01-14-15_6-02 PM
Mr. Dobbs was friendly and also liked to talk about dinosaurs, basketballs, and babies, so Miss Petal invited him out to “cloudgaze”, which is an entirely new interaction.

There must be a herd of bats migrating.

01-14-15_6-14 PM
We finished off the day with an impromptu Megamind date, because I adore him.

Megamind: “I’m sorry we got off to such a rough start, my dear, I do tend to make an impression when I meet new people, har har har.”

Petal: “Well, I’m not sure why I suddenly decided to invite you over and spam you with benign social interactions until our relationship meter was in the green, but I’m sure glad I did!”

01-14-15_6-17 PM
So glad, in fact, that Miss Sprout scored her very first First Kiss (in this simverse anyways).

Megamind: “Oh my! Your breath smells of spinach and mushrooms!”

I’m glad they added the functionality to eat produce into the game, though it takes a lot more food to fill your sim up, and they get hungry again quickly.

Anyway, we learned that he is a Self-assured, Insane, Genius, which may be quite hilarious to have around in the future.

01-14-15_6-26 PM
Mr. Dobbs, who will hereafter be known as Bear, because that’s what I call him in my head, shows up unexpectedly to visit Miss Petal the next morning.

We learn that he is a Neat, Family-Oriented, Bookworm…this is a very attractive prospect! Also, they have a very organic chemistry, never needing any interference to bombard each other with friendly social interactions.

01-14-15_6-34 PM
Don called to ask if he might stop by, interrupting Bear’s visit.

Bear: *is sad that the hunky casanova is here to steal all the attention*

Aw, never you mind him, Bear, you are twice the sim he is!

01-14-15_6-40 PM
I love the multi-tasking feature in TS4, Miss Petal was able to fertilize her garden AND carry on a conversation with both of her visitors.

Bear left shortly after, and Miss Sprout actually had a nice sit down conversation with Don; he seems like he might be one of those fellows who can be a bit decent once you get him isolated.

Also, why does he look so smokin’ hot from behind? Damn him.

01-14-15_6-47 PM
Most of the wild plants surrounding the Legacy Garden have sprouted by now, and we’re able to snap up some apples, onions, and strawberries to add to our garden.

01-14-15_7-16 PM
What we didn’t eat or plant was sold off for a tidy profit, and now Miss Sprout doesn’t have to boogie on down to the gym for her shower in the morning!

This “It’s A Shower Tarp!” shower can even be folded up into your inventory to carry around.

While in the shower that morning, Miss Sprout began mulling over how she wishes to proceed in terms of choosing a Consort…should she choose the exciting Megamind? The dependable Bear? Should she have a roll with Don and raise a baby on her own? What about trawling the public lots for more potential males?

01-14-15_7-21 PMBut then Bear ambled on by, and we took it as a sign.

01-14-15_7-31 PM
They spent the day autonomously chatting, and watching that green relationship bar climb higher and higher.

At first, Bear was reluctant to get too flirty with Miss Sprout…I think he might have some self-esteem issues, but with a bit of encouragement, the desired result was achieved!

01-14-15_7-40 PM
Petal: “Oh plumbob, does this mean I’m pregnant?”

She looks so bummed! I’ve never had a sim make this face after a positive pregnancy test before, hah.

01-14-15_7-45 PM
It’s difficult to tell in this picture, but Miss Sprout is sporting a baby bump under her granola the next morning.

We asked Bear to move in, and he was all too eager to agree, but imagine our surprise when we sent him to the tent to “plan outfits”…

01-14-15_7-49 PM
…and this was an actual option.

I about wet myself.

The bear costume is now all his outfits.

I had seen the bear costume on the adverts for Outdoor Retreat, but I thought it was a special NPC costume or something you unlock after some kind of feat.

This is even better than furniture made of logs.

01-15-15_7-16 AM
More harvestables to sell means more stuff to buy for the garden, and this outdoorsy stone sink is just the thing!

The other point of this picture was to showcase Miss Petal’s swelling midsection more effectively.

01-15-15_7-22 AM
Bear was thrilled when Miss Sprout shared the big news with him.

Now that he’s got his confidence up, he’s become quite the little romantic.

01-15-15_7-49 AM
Bear called to snap up a career in the professional writing field right away, wanting to be able to provide the very best Garden possible for his new cub.

Since we don’t have a computer in Legacy Garden, Bear heads down to the library to kick a townie off one of the machines there.

This is the “Roar” interaction that you can perform while wearing the bearsuit!

Christopher Tripp is now Tense, and not amused.

01-15-15_7-38 AM
Bear: “That’s what you get for coming between a bear and his CPU.”

01-15-15_4-08 PM
Have you ever taken the time to stop and listen to your sims making woohoo?

Uh…me neither…nope.

Miss Petal goes “Woo! Wuh-hoo wuh-hoo!” over and over again punctuated by the occasional “Wah-hah!”
Bear is pretty quiet/overwhelmed though; he lets out one sort of nervous “Whoa” type sound that’s really easy to miss amid all the loud woo-deling that his girlfriend does.

Don’t  you worry Don, no one is proposing to you, not even the outhouse you’re staring at.

01-15-15_6-35 PM
Speaking of hilarious noises, Bear like to sing a jaunty little tune in the shower, he goes “Toodle doodle doo…cleenaboo!” in his surprisingly melodic baritone.  And he always says the “cleenaboo” part like he’s playing peekaboo with a toddler.

I straight up giggled my face off listening for the entire duration of the shower.

I love you Bear.

01-15-15_4-50 PM
So much love, in fact, that we allowed him a very special luxury that no Consort has ever been allowed before; a Man-Cave.

Er, Man-Hut?  I suppose we should wallpaper it with rocks if we’re going to call it a “cave”.

Innyhoo, the Man-Cave-Hut is located at a rear corner of the property, and Bear is going to be allowed to fill it with anything he likes…

01-15-15_7-18 PM
…even illegal things.

Bear received this from his first promotion, and I just don’t have the heart to steal it from him.

Also, it’s hella convenient to have one on the lot for his writing.

01-15-15_5-07 PMMiss Sprout is well into her 3rd trimester now, and we’re eagerly anticipating the birth of Generation 7 (2.0).

No alien genes this time, but I’m excited anyway.

01-15-15_7-35 PMAnd now we can buy a rustic little firepit for roasting veggie dogs!

Petal: “I still want a pool.”

01-15-15_7-31 PMGuh. FINE.

One day it will be majestic as flux, you’ll see.

01-15-15_7-52 PM-2When Miss Sprout’s time finally came later that same evening, Bear freaked out more than any other father I have seen yet; he burst from the tent in a panic, popped back in, dashed back out to make a run for the toity, did another little dance…

01-15-15_7-55 PM…then collapsed by the fire.

Petal: “I’m in labour.”

Bear: “Yeah.” *huff huff*

Petal: “It’s kind of a bummer.”

01-15-15_8-07 PM
Welcome to the legacy Gardenia Sprout!

Petal: “Fiddlesticks, she’s pink.”

01-15-15_8-07 PM-2
Petal: “That’s okay nooboo! Mommy loves her.”

01-15-15_6-38 PM
Eduardo Gannon is a favourite townie of mine that I imported from another save; he’s fabulous.

Eduardo: “Ugh, a bear? Seriously? SO Three Lakes wannabe.”

He’s my little recessive-gened angel.

01-15-15_7-18 AM
Bear: “What is a Three Lakes?”

Welp, that’s a good repotting of this legacy methinks, let’s pause here for now.

Next time in the Legacy Garden, we’ll watch Little Mistress Gardenia grow up, Bear (hopefully) advance in his writing career, Miss Petal tend the garden, and hopefully another baby!

01-15-15_7-26 PMGnomezzly-bear: “RAWR.”

Gnomezzly-bear bids you good day, and happy simming! ♥

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 29 ~ Repotting”

  1. Nothing like a bit of lawn-living to spruce things up. Miss Petal looks great. I love Bear. And his gnome.
    The Sims 4 looks great. I don’t have it yet; I’m still working on the Sims 3. I have to finish my legacy first…
    I’m glad the Sprouts are back.


    • Thanks very much! Bear is my favourite spouse ever, he just sort of happened like a perfect storm.

      I think lawn-living is a great thing to do mid-legacy; it sort of just gets to the point where you have hundreds of thousands of § and nothing much to do with it.

      Yes, you need to get more legacy chapters out! Gives you time to wait for a good sale price on TS4!

      It’s a very beautiful game, I really like the art direction they went with, and it’s not as “heavy” as TS3.


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