Chapter 30 ~ Fruitbearing

Welcome back, lovely simmers, to HDYGG 2.0, where we are lawn-living once more in an attempt to play through our last several generations of Sprout family goodness!

01-18-15_7-15 AM
We return to the enchanting Willow Creek on the heels of the birth of Little Mistress Gardenia Sprout, our first of Generation Seven to be born into this new and beautiful Simverse.

01-18-15_7-31 AM
Miss Petal Sprout lays her new daughter under the boughs of the apple tree, surrounded by yellow wildflowers and baby’s bottom roses.

This sweet Little Mistress is not the green-skinned Heiress we’d been hoping for, but her parents couldn’t be prouder…

01-18-15_7-38 AM
…especially Poppa Bear.

As a family-oriented sim, Bear is particularly taken with his cub’s gassy smiles.

His first autonomous action, after the birth of his daughter, was to give Miss Petal a big hug.

01-18-15_7-52 AM
Petal: “Get married to Bear and woohoo in a tent?”

Very well, Miss Sprout, but as you can’t afford the cost of a wedding event, you shall have to content yourself with a simple lawn ceremony.

01-18-15_8-16 AM
But first, of course, you’ll have to get engaged.

Miss Sprout proposes to Bear that evening after he gets home from work, and with the sun setting in the background, it proves to be a surprisingly romantic moment for them.

01-18-15_8-26 AM
Naturally, Bear accepts, and they get to celebrating in the usual manner. (Wuh-hoo! Wa-hah!)

01-18-15_8-28 AM
Thankfully, Miss Petal’s woo-deling doesn’t wake Little Mistress Gardenia, sleeping peacefully among the foliage.

01-18-15_8-31 AM
They leap out excitedly afterwards, and Miss Sprout does an ecstatic little wiggle dance.

Petal: “Bongo!”
Bear: “Cupcaaaake.”

Plumbob only knows what goes on in that tent.

01-18-15_8-39 AM
We may have to consider some sort of nursery for our Sproutlings; Little Mistress Gardenia wakes both her parents up promptly at midnight for nursing and a diaper change.

01-18-15_8-56 AM
In other news, Megamind has taken to showing up unannounced after Bear leaves for work.

He’s generally friendly and likes to give Miss Sprout a lot of hugs, as well as cleaning up her dishes for her.

What is he up to I wonder?

01-18-15_9-06 AM
Well, we’ll worry about insane blue genius aliens later…right now we have a wedding to celebrate!

Bear comes home with a promotion to Freelance Article Writer, and after the Little Mistress goes down for her nap, he and Miss Sprout finally tie the knot with yet another romantic sunset in the backdrop.

01-18-15_9-07 AM
And with a shower of confetti, and a rather sizzling smooch, the deed is done.

Little Mistress Gardenia slept through the entire thing…as well as the, erm, fairly raucous “celebration” afterward.

And speaking of raucousness…

01-18-15_9-45 AM
Our pink firstborn seems delighted with her new Nursery Garden, and we are pleased to announce that it works perfectly! No one was prematurely awoken from their beauty sleep by the wailing of a hungry nooboo.

01-18-15_12-42 PM
Slowly but surely, thanks to Mrs. Sprout’s vegetables and Bear’s wages, the Legacy Garden is blossoming.

The careful observer will note, also, that we now have a log loveseat! *Squee*

01-18-15_1-19 PM
It was early that Wednesday morning when Mrs. Sprout and Bear got a big surprise.

Gardenia: “Surprise!”

01-18-15_12-39 PM
I see a lot of her father in her already, especially since she has his colouring.

Little Miss Gardenia used the trait generator (henceforth to be known as the traiterator), and came out with Loves the Outdoors, just like her mother!

It’s a damn shame she’s not green, our Little Miss is shaping up to make a fine Sprout Heiress.

01-18-15_1-38 PM
Knowing his cub has artistic proclivities, Bear buys her her very own creative activity table.

Little Miss Gardenia, delighted with the new toy, can’t wait to show Poppa Bear her very first drawing.

01-18-15_1-46 PM
Naturally, all his cub’s drawings find a place of honour in the Man-Cave-Hut.

I love the creative macaroni detail on the rainbow.

01-18-15_1-49 PM
Noticing that Little Miss Gardenia seemed to be playing with her Purple Protector action figure in a manner that one would actually play with an action figure, we stalked her during playtime with her Pretty Prancing Palomino Pony toy to see if she would play with it like one would play with a pony toy.

Our results were inconclusive; our young lady kept poking herself in the eye with the pony every few seconds.

No matter, so long as the creativity bar climbs she’s welcome to do as she pleases with her things.

01-18-15_2-22 PM
In the mean time, Mrs. Sprout and Bear get to work on their next child.

Bear enjoys “Try for Baby” more than just plain “Woohoo”…I can tell because when he’s trying to make a baby he growls ferociously and Mrs. Sprout makes surprised exclamations.

A fine send off for the old 2 person tent, either way!

01-18-15_2-43 PM
For, as night fell, we dug deeply into the family funds to purchase something a touch more spacious that the whole family can sleep in.

01-18-15_3-02 PM
The next day, after spending so much time with his newly aged up cub, Bear gets a bit teary at work.


01-18-15_3-48 PM
He much prefers to stay home where he can be with his ladies and work on his first children’s book; The Bear Necessities.

01-18-15_3-49 PM
Mrs. Sprout spends most of her day tending to the time consuming job of looking after the family garden.

Sometimes, if Bear is home, he will help out by running around to do the harvesting for her.

01-18-15_3-53 PM
Little Miss Gardenia works equally as hard as her parents, balancing the demands of school and her creative aspirations.

01-18-15_2-59 PM
Megamind makes a point of showing up every day when Bear is at work.

He starts off with a bunch of jokes to set the mood, then dives in for some low level flirting to test the waters.

Mrs. Sprout is amused by the jokes and flattered by the flirting, but it has yet to go farther than that.

01-18-15_3-51 PM
Eventually Bear finishes his book, and gleefully sends it off to be self-published!

01-18-15_4-15 PM
And it seems that the other project they’d been working on has come to fruition as well; Bear is overjoyed to hear that his second cub is finally on his or her way.

01-18-15_4-34 PM
Newly upgraded with Superior Flush, our toity, which has only broken once before and has been very well behaved and reliable thusfar, promptly breaks.

Well done toity. That is not what Superior Flush means. You’re Superior Flushing wrong.

01-18-15_4-39 PM
Megamind breaks his usual pattern and stops by for a visit when Bear is home, Little Miss Gardenia takes advantage of the situation to fill up her depleted social bar.

Megamind: “Olo tiny female, is your mother at home?”

Gardenia: “Both my parents are home, now hold still while I bombard you with safe social interactions.”

Megamind: “Oh…yes…of course! Proceed.”

01-18-15_4-53 PM
Bear pumps out a quick volume of poetry and then a book of short stories; he must’ve been very inspired!

Bear: *has all kinds of feels*

01-18-15_5-27 PM
Not to be outdone by her father in the accomplishment department, Little Miss Gardenia tops the creativity skill and finishes off her childhood aspiration.

Well done young lady! And 9 days to spare until teenhood too.

01-18-15_5-37 PM
Left on autonomy, Little Miss Gardenia spends her time tidying up what she can, and cheering up her stuffed unicorn.

She is utterly sweet, and helpful, and friendly at all times, just like her Poppa Bear.

01-18-15_6-07 PM
Late on a Sunday evening, Mrs. Sprout finally goes into labour…

Ugh, pins and needles; cross your fingers and toes!

01-18-15_6-09 PM

Well done Mrs. Sprout!

The much anticipated birth of a possible Heiress has finally come with the arrival of Little Mistress Astoria Sprout.

And her very good natured elder sister isn’t at all sad by the birth of another sibling, because she’s an angel.

01-18-15_6-21 PM
Gardenia: “Hello little sister!”

Little Mistress Astoria couldn’t have asked for a better big sister than the one she’s got.

Though, Little Miss Gardenia is a tough act to follow; our tiny maybe-Heiress will have to work hard to live up to the standard of achievement that has been set for the young ladies in this garden.

01-18-15_7-19 PM
And in décor news, we’ve finally done away with our old, inexpensive shower for something a bit fancier.

The “Waterfall Shower” promises to deliver snazzier, more prestigious showering experiences.

01-18-15_7-43 PM
Little Miss Gardenia is becoming fast friends with her phone-social-boost buddy, Megamind.

He’s ceased calling and stopping by all the time; I think he’s a bit afraid of having to sit and talk about little girl things for hours on end.

01-18-15_7-59 PM
And it’s probably just as well that he’s not skulking around being an irritant to anyone, as Mrs. Sprout has finally managed to cultivate a very special plant for her garden.

01-24-15_7-06 AM
Little Miss Gardenia is truly the most wholesome child I have ever bred (in memory).

If left to her own devices she will, without fail, do one of the following 3 things:
– Create pictures for her Poppa Bear’s Man-Cave-Hut walls.

01-24-15_7-09 AM
– Distract her fussy little sister with stories (which seems to work well, the Little Mistress LOVES her big sister’s stories)

01-24-15_7-15 AM
– Snuggle Rainbow Farts, her large unicorn plush toy.

She’s also pretty keen on cleaning up dirty granola bowls. Normally we might find her a bit dull, but she’s just so damn sweet and cheerful all the time, you can’t help but love her.

01-18-15_8-10 PM
It’s another Wednesday when the next of the Sproutlings is ready to age up into childhood.

As you can see, we’re making more and more progress on the state of the Legacy Garden; it’s become quite the comfortable homestead.

01-24-15_7-58 AM-7
Little Miss Astoria has more of her mother’s look about her…and that hair! Where did that amazing hair colour even come from? Is this what happens when you mix green and brown?

I like it. Very Sprouty.

Our Maybe-Heiress took a ride on the traiterator and got her Poppa Bear’s Bookworm trait…less appropriate than her sister’s “Loves the Outdoors”, I’ll grant you, but not disappointing at all.

01-24-15_6-57 AM
Mini-Moo approves.

Can I make a confession? I’m secretly a bit terrified of cowplants. Shh! Don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to lose my sim-street cred.

01-24-15_8-43 AM
We had hoped that the whole family would fit in the larger tent, but alas, it only seems to have room for 3.

So then we needed another tent…which meant we had to move the sink…which led to the building of a kitchen lean-to.

It escalated very quickly.

01-24-15_11-51 AM
Bear celebrated Little Miss Astoria’s birthday by publishing a work of nonfiction; he is now officially a Short Story Writer!

01-24-15_11-54 AM
Taking advantage of the day off of school, Little Miss Astoria gets to work on her Social Butterfly aspiration by ambushing anyone within range of the Legacy Garden.

Ryker Ralston and Monique Ashby are her first marks.

01-24-15_12-08 PM
Megamind makes the mistake of calling to stop by, no doubt lulled into a false sense of security by the fact school is supposed to be in session.

Megamind: “Olo…additional tiny female.”

Astoria: “Gosh, hi Mister Megamind! It’s so nice to meet more new people! I’ve already met two other new people today, they were fishing but then they had to leave, but now you’re here so you can be my friend!”

Megamind: “How fortuitous…tell me, are your parents planning on doing any more procreating that I should be aware of?”

01-24-15_12-21 PM
Not to place an undue burden on her poor blue alien friend, Mrs. Sprout invited nearly her entire social panel of acquaintances over for her excessively social younger daughter to leech for aspiration fodder.

Astoria: “Hello new friends! Wow! Why are you all men? That’s so weird!”

01-24-15_12-37 PM
Bear hid in his Man-Cave-Hut to write a screenplay.

Well done Bear! I’m sure it will be a tremendous success.

01-24-15_12-48 PM
The next morning, our young Maybe-Heiress is eager to attend her first day of classes.

Astoria: “Hurry up Gardenia! My new school friends are waiting for me!”

01-24-15_12-58 PM
And mini-moo has finally grown into his moo-ness.

Moo: *toothy cowplant grin*

Mrs. Sprout promptly finished off her 10th gardening skill point and became a Freelance Botanist, which basically means she is now fireproof.


01-24-15_1-23 PM
After a successful first day of school, Little Miss Astoria wanders over to a neighbour’s house to see if there are any children home that she might befriend.

Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis is all too happy to spend the afternoon entertaining our green Maybe-Heiress, and by the time evening falls they are fast friends.

Little Miss Astoria even gets to have her very first microwave meal, and vows to return so she can watch more of this fascinating “television” object.

01-24-15_1-52 PM
Astoria: “It had moving pictures, and there was this metal box that made food hot, just like magic!”

Gardenia: *is impressed*

The Sprout sisters are as thick as thieves and utterly adorable together.

01-24-15_2-18 PM
It’s the weekend in the Legacy Garden, and Little Miss Gardenia autonomously decided to make friends with Moo.

She’s also decided that she prefers to wear her swimsuit above all other outfits.

01-24-15_2-20 PM
Little Miss Astoria, on the other hand, is far more invested in making friends with the neighbourhood children.

She invites her new friend Olivia over to play, and Hugo Pancakes as well.

Hugo is the neat, chubby son of Bob and Eliza Pancakes that we spawned and randomized specifically to add to the child-friend pool of the neighbourhoods.

01-24-15_2-29 PM
He’s pretty fricken cute too!

01-24-15_2-42 PM
Hugo and Astoria befriended one another quite quickly, and spent their lazy afternoon cloudgazing.

01-24-15_2-47 PM
Another new acquaintance is Little Miss Cecilia Landgraab, also spawned and randomized for the purpose of making our neighbourhoods more childy.

Young Miss Landgraab here is a rambunctious music lover, and I like to imagine she drives her snooty mother a bit nuts with her tomboyishness.

01-24-15_2-53 PM
Down at the park near Cecilia’s house, the girls stumble across Young Master Alexander Goth.

01-24-15_2-55 PM
Naturally they invite him to play Space Explorer, and Little Miss Astoria finds out that he’s a bookworm just like her!

01-24-15_3-09 PM
And like her elder sister before her, Little Miss Astoria finishes off her aspiration with 9 days until teenhood.

Bear: “Well done, cub.”

Astoria: “And people say social butterfly is hard, pfft.”

01-24-15_3-10 PM
It’s not hard, it’s just a pain in the patootie.

Also, the game mocks you for trying to mop grass…no matter, a neat sim can still manage it.

01-24-15_3-41 PM
Astoria: “Do you think we’ll always be best friends Dee?”

Gardenia: “Of course we will! I’ll help you raise your very own Heiress one day, and we’ll tend Mama’s garden, and keep Moo from eating our neighbours, and grow old together!”

01-24-15_3-48 PM
What a lovely thought, but will something they don’t know about throw a wrench in those plans?

There’s a pretty good chance!

Enjoy the not so cliffhangery cliffhanger, for it is now time to say toodles, and join us next time in the Legacy Garden where we get to see our lovely young Sprout ladies grow up a bit more, and meet that awkwardly foreshadowed wrench!

01-24-15_3-52 PM
Trashy trash plant bids you good day and happy simming! ❤

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1 thought on “Chapter 30 ~ Fruitbearing”

  1. Oh my Little Miss Gardenia is oh so sweet. She told stories to her sister. That’s so cute.
    And so is Bear. Loved all the books he wrote. And the drawings in the man-cave…
    Ooh you made a cow-plant! I must admit I’m always scared he’ll eat one of my sims. Don’t want to lose them. Except when you plan to kill a sim, then they never get eaten…
    You can make a trash plant? That’s strangely fascinating.
    Another Sprout little one to come? I can’t wait.


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