Chapter 31 ~ Fertilize With Cake

Welcome back lovely simmers!  We return, once more, to the longest lawn-living family in the Simverse, the Sprouts!

01-24-15_3-51 PM
Just a little night time view from our backyard.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; the art in this sims version is stunning…anyway, legacy!

Last chapter we covered a whole lot of ground, so let’s have a quick recap to refresh everyone’s memory banks:

01-24-15_7-24 PM
Little Miss Gardenia grew into a pretty, sweet-natured child, and was shortly thereafter joined by her much greener, super social sibling, Little Miss Astoria.

The Little Misses Sprout hit it off right from the word go, and are as close as sisters can be; both have also completed their respective childhood aspirations.

There is a very decent chance that Little Miss Astoria will be the Heiress.

01-24-15_9-18 PM
Though, unbeknownst to both little girls, Mrs. Sprout has another bun in the oven.

This unborn Sprout sibling could potentially derail their plans for the future, and we are very curious to see how they react to the new baby.

Little Miss Gardenia, if you will recall, was not upset in the least by her sister’s birth, and would run over to tell her stories whenever she started fussing.

01-24-15_6-59 PMBear (aka Mr. Bryson Dobbs), the official Generation Six Consort, worked hard to advance himself in the writing career.

He’s a terrific, loving father, and has also become a very prolific author, being especially fond of writing screenplays…his accumulated works bring in about §1000-§1200 a day now!

01-24-15_7-28 PM
And other than making more babies, Mrs. Sprout completed her aspiration of Freelance Botanist, and raised Moo, a very capricious cowplant.

We’ve been pretty good at keeping on top of feeding Moo, though there is the occasional lapse; thank goodness children can’t take that cake!

01-24-15_8-57 PMAnd because we wanted to spread out and fill up more of this massive lot, we undertook a bit of an overhaul of the Legacy Garden.

01-24-15_8-58 PM-3Not very much has actually changed…

01-24-15_8-58 PM-2
…though we did expand the pool and knock down the outhouse.

I prefer airy, open, gated enclosures to solid buildings…they just have a Sproutier feel.

01-24-15_8-58 PM
Last  one I promise.

I think it blends into the scenery behind the lot a bit better now too.


01-24-15_9-20 PM
Why is our Maybe-Heiress floating in the pool with a scowl on her face?

Do you dislike the rennovations, my dear?

Astoria: “It’s time.”

Oh my, yes it is.

01-24-15_9-26 PM
Time for a birthday that is!

Bear ambles up to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis residence to bake a special surprise for his firstborn; her very own birthday cake!

Bear: “Only the best for my cubs!”

Little Miss Astoria may not share his enthusiasm, (I don’t blame her, must be worrying that your best friend might outgrow you), but the young lady in question was delighted by her Poppa Bear’s thoughtfulness…

01-24-15_9-31 PM
Gardenia: “I wish for a good secondary trait!”

So do I!

01-24-15_9-51 PM-3
And one ride on the traiterator later, and we have her father’s Bookworm trait, and the Mansion Baron aspiration.

She’s a bit on the plain side, and definitely favours her father more than her mother.

It would have been fun to throw a new trait into the mix, and I’m pretty sure we wont be completing her aspiration, but all in all, I’d say she turned out well!

01-25-15_9-33 AMMrs. Sprout is heavily pregnant now, and cannot avoid that early morning waddle to the toity to relieve herself.

Apparently pregnant sims don’t do the pee-pee shuffle!

01-25-15_9-40 AMGardenia: “I want to live in a big mansion!”

The jury is still out on whether or not teenhood has wrecked our Gen. 7 firstborn, but we’re not certain she’s as keen on staying in the Legacy Garden as she once was.

01-25-15_9-44 AMIn other news, there’s a really irritating pathing thing going on where the family walks all the way from the kitchen lean-to to the bathroom sink (exhibit B) to wash dishes, instead of using the perfectly serviceable stone sink (exhibit A) that is actually in the kitchen lean-to.


01-25-15_10-17 AMPetal: “So tired of being preggers!”

Last time, I promise!

Keeping produce in her inventory for quick snacks has been a terrific need-saver during pregnancy.

01-25-15_10-21 AMMiss Gardenia comes home tense from her first day of secondary school, and we finally get to see her first snarlface.

Gardenia: “You know what would be great right now? Relaxing in the bath and watching some television…oh wait! That’s right, I live in a framming campground.”

Oh dear, I hope this is just a teenage hormonal thing!

01-25-15_10-26 AMLittle Miss Astoria, on the other hand, finds a pretty little hill where she can do her homework.

Astoria: “A bath would be swell though.”

Not you too!

01-25-15_10-35 AMLast pregnancy pic, I promise!

She just looks so normal from behind, and then BAM!

It’s crazy…and adorable.

01-25-15_10-47 AMIn an effort to keep Miss Gardenia happy, we’ve taken to making impulsive, expensive purchases.

Gardenia: “Now something worth §500!”

Sweet plumbob in the sky, girl.

01-25-15_11-00 AMAnd in the wee hours of a Thursday morning, it’s finally that time again.

Petal: “For the last time.”

For the last time.

01-25-15_11-05 AMWelcome to the Garden, Little Master Hawthorne Sprout!

This nooboo is everything that does not inherit around here, so it looks like Little Miss Astoria wins by default.

01-25-15_11-10 AMFollowed promptly by bladder failure.

Petal: “My PC muscle just isn’t what it used to be after 3 kids.”

Fair enough.

01-25-15_11-14 AM
Seriously though, that is one massive piddle puddle.

01-25-15_11-23 AMAwoken by her mother’s nooboo expulsion, Little Miss Astoria slips out of her tent to investigate.

The “meet new sibling” interaction does not go well.

Astoria: *snarl*

I’ve seen kids gets sad over new siblings before, but this is my first angry one!  Of course, who could muster up any cheerfulness while standing in a piddle puddle?

Luckily, Little Master Hawthorne seems blissfully unaware of his big sister’s ire.

01-25-15_11-35 AMOur proud Poppa Bear is now a Novelist; he’s eager to get his work day over with so he can enjoy a day off with his new cub.

Miss Gardenia goes to school without a single opinion on her new baby brother.

01-25-15_11-39 AMAs a side note, Mrs. Sprout has nursed all 3 of her children, not one bottle in sight!

It’s easier to get away with when one is a stay at home gardener I suppose.

01-25-15_11-45 AMEveryone except our Heiress has been rolling up whims for a holiday in Granite Falls, and since they’re all so hard working, we cannot help but want to reward them.

When Little Master Hawthorne ages up, I think it’s time for a family vacation!

01-25-15_11-50 AMThough, I’m not sure we’ll be able to convince any of the neighbours to look in on Moo while they’re away.

01-25-15_11-55 AMGardenia: “I still want a bath.”

01-25-15_12-07 PMFine, you want a tub? Craft one.

Miss Gardenia gets to work on her first sculpture…methinks hacking at a block of wood should help relieve some of that tension.

01-25-15_11-58 AMLittle Miss Astoria autonomously chooses not to come home after school, preferring to play by herself in the forest…read into that what you wish.

Astoria: “Doh!”

She also keeps poking herself in the eye, just like her sister used to.

01-25-15_2-31 PMIt’s sort of a relief when Miss Gardenia autonomously goes to bounce her fussy brother.

Gardenia: “Like, there there, Little Thorn, let’s fix up that messy bum for you.”

There’s still a hint of that sweet girl we liked so much lurking in the midst of all that teenage angst.

01-25-15_2-47 PMOh my sweet baby plumbob! Someone is using the kitchen sink to wash their dishes!

Thank you, Mrs. Sprout, that brings me inexplicable joy!

01-25-15_2-56 PMI have a complaint about Little Master Hawthorne…and it’s not the usual sort of complaint people make about sim babies.

This child is so content, and poops so infrequently, that I have more than once already completely forgotten he was there.

Hawthorne: *gurgle*

He just lays there smiling at the tree branches rustling over his head.

01-25-15_3-11 PMThe Sprout sisters have both taken to hiding out in the woods behind the Legacy Garden after school now.

Gardenia: “Like, the reception here sucks, Tori.”

Still, it’s nice to see them hanging out together autonomously!

01-25-15_3-16 PMEspecially since Miss Gardenia makes this face a lot.

Gardenia: “Like, my life is a huge bummer right now.”

Well, let’s try to un-bummer it if we can then…

01-25-15_3-23 PMMiss Gardenia, meet Malcolm Landgraab…and look! He uses the same expression you use! You guys have so much in common already!

Gardenia: “Like, hi Malcolm.”

He is literally the only boy your age in the entire world; enjoy.

01-25-15_3-26 PMGardenia: “I like him.”

You think you like  him now, wait until you see his house.

Malcolm: *snarl*

Gardenia: “He’s just so dreamy!”

01-25-15_3-33 PMThey hit it off pretty well, considering he’s an evil snob.

Gardenia: “Like, Malcolm! You’re so funny!”

Malcolm: “Yeah, true dat, girl.”

01-25-15_3-32 PMAnd in other news, Little Miss Astoria has gotten over her brother issues.

Astoria: “Hey there little bro! Whoa, why so fussy? Mom’s just washing her hands, she’ll be here soon…in the mean time, let me tell you this story about a fox that Dee used to tell me when I was your age!”

In her defense, Little Master Hawthorne is hard not to love.

01-25-15_3-41 PMAlso, I adore how hoity toity Malcolm looks when he prances around.

Malcolm: “I love me.”

I love you a bit too, Master Landgraab.

01-25-15_3-48 PMI’m pretty sure this is their first family breakfast.

Let’s pretend we don’t see Mrs. Sprout blowing Bear a kiss while thinking of restraints.

01-25-15_4-09 PMThere’s pretty much only one way that Miss Gardenia is going to fulfill her aspiration at this point; and that is if she marries very, very well.

So we’ve been working on that in lieu of an aspiration.

01-25-15_4-13 PMSo far, we’re right on track.

01-25-15_4-14 PMShortly after this, they decided to go steady and exchanged promise rings.

01-25-15_4-24 PMIn other news, the Sprout sisters have been spending more time together, and their relationship is nearly what it used to be.

01-25-15_4-23 PMAstoria: “So, like, Alexander Goth told me that Cecilia Landgraab told him that Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis’s mom said she overheard Bob Pancakes say that you can totally get pregnant from kissing.”

01-25-15_5-06 PMIt’s early on a Sunday morning when Young Master Hawthorne makes his debut.

Hawthorne: “Ready for vacation!”

That’s right, I did promise a holiday, didn’t I?

01-25-15_5-09 PM-3Young Master Hawthorne turns the traiterator inside out with Self-Assured Whiz Kid.

A new trait! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new trait in the Garden!

Also, he’s the only one with his mother’s eyes.

01-25-15_6-12 PMYoung Master Hawthorne jumps right onto the (expensive) chessboard (that Miss Gardenia wanted) to start working on his childhood aspiration.

Look how happy he is about it!

01-25-15_6-15 PMApparently it was just so much fun he went until near bladder failure.

I love the pee-pee shuffle, and it’s extra cute when Young Master Hawthorne does it.

You know what’s not cute though?

01-25-15_6-17 PMThis. This is not cute.

Gardenia: “Omg! It’s just like the chocolate birthday cake my Poppa Bear made for me!”

Nononononono *cancel interaction* x 1000.

01-25-15_6-18 PMGuh. Too late.

Frammit, Moo, you are such a turd.

Moo: “Hur hur hur.” *belch*

01-25-15_6-18 PM-2*splat*

Moo: *trollface*

Well, at least he harfed her back up…

01-25-15_6-19 PM…though, is it just me, or is this a bit, oh, I dunno…banned4lyfesque?

*cough cough* Let’s not dwell.

01-25-15_6-20 PMGardenia: “Oh that Moo! He’s such a kidder!”

Mmhm! I see your moodlets young lady…

01-25-15_6-33 PM
…and you are not as okay with it as you let on.

01-25-15_6-23 PM
Well, murderous cowplants aside, now we have some Essence of Happiness in storage, so that’s nice.

01-25-15_6-24 PMAfter that, Miss Gardenia pretty much just carried on like nothing had occurred.

Master Landgraab didn’t notice his girlfriend is an empty shell, because he doesn’t actually have a soul.

01-25-15_6-22 PMYoung Master Hawthorne continues to be the cutest thing in life.

Hawthorne: *autonomously hugs his mommy*

Guh. The cute! I cannot handle it.

01-25-15_7-04 PM
Continuing with that trend; Miss Gardenia and Little Miss Astoria are finally BFFs once more.

Gardenia: “Like, I’m sorry I got all snarlface and wanting expensive stuff Tori.”

Astoria: “That’s okay, Dee, I love you just the way you are!”


Awkward segue anyone?

01-25-15_7-07 PM
BAM. Vacation time.

3 days of bugs and body rashes in the beautiful Granite Falls.

We went with a proper house for their holiday, which sort of makes sense; normal families leave their houses to rough it in the great outdoors, but since roughing it is normal for the Sprouts, when they go on vacation they like to reverse rough it and rent a house!

Well, it makes sense in my head at least.

Gardenia: “Like, I miss my boyfriend.”

I doubt that 3 days will be enough to fulfill Mrs. Sprout’s secondary aspiration of Survivalist, but let’s give it the old college try, shall we.

01-25-15_7-04 PM-2
Welp, that’s it for now, but join us next time wont you?  We’ll have 3 days of holiday fun, and watch the Sproutlings grow up some more!

You know what I miss? Hot tubs.

Anyway, enjoy this painting Mrs. Sprout had a whim to produce.

Good day, and Happy Simming! ❤



2 thoughts on “Chapter 31 ~ Fertilize With Cake”

  1. Ooh, Master Hawthorne is so cute. How fascinating that the kids react to having a new sibling like that, that´s pretty cool. Even if she was angry.
    It´s a good thing there is something left from Miss Gardenia´s goodness. Teens can be such drama…
    Thankfully she wasn´t eaten by Moo. That would be sad.
    I´m curious to see what Astoria will look like when she grows up.


    • Oh good, it’s not just me then! I swear M. Hawthorne is the cutest sim kid I’ve ever seen…or at least top 5!
      I’m going to have to pay more attention to moodlets in the future and see if the kids have emotions other than sad or angry when new siblings come along.

      Yes, good grief, I’m pretty sure I said *gasp* “Don’t you dare!” when I saw M. Gardenia about to take that cake…if you click on the hunger icon, it automatically sends them to fulfill the hunger need, and if the cow plant has cake out, they’ll go for that before anything else. Jerks.

      I’ve played far enough ahead to see M. Astoria as a teen, and oh boy, are we in for some fun 😉


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