Fruity Downloads


Emil and Kadhi come from this pack of studly studs by LinksterOH

Toro can be found here by TEXASTWANGTONYA

Temulun can be found here by RainbowLuma

Branor can be found here by Ensorcella

Jahi can be found here by SimLoveuse_80


Crossroads Slave Market can be found here by rustyshacklefrd2

Pili’s Temple of Osiris is the “Pyramid of Hermanubis” by Effix-B79

Totec/Aten’s love nest is the “Thief’s Hideout” by Lothisil


Sticks and Stones Dollhouse by BigUglyHag

Ancient Loom by Simsnowtato

Medieval Bakery by Kiolometro

SNEK Crown by SLYD

Early Civilization Clothing Pack by Teanmoon

Snake Armbands by specialany

Dark Elf Basic Set for Dunmeri Homes by Fire_flower

Assorted Items from The Shed by FAB

Rustic Living Set by annachibisims