Intermission II ~ tREe (C)sAP

Welcome back, one and all, to #53 Waterfall Way SV, home of the privacy eschewing Sprout family.

Okay, soooo, it’s been a year and a half since I’ve updated…there probably aren’t even that many folks around who remember the Sprouts!  But on the off chance that there are, here’s an update for you!   I found over a hundred pics in my screenshot folder, and let me tell ya, not too sure why I took even half of them…uhm, recap I think, yes, excellent, onward…

Master Pepper Cheese-Sprout is the newly teened up son of our esteemed Matriarch and her deceased-gender-confused-Simself-Consort, Julie(n) Cheese.

Behind him is his elder sister, of the same parentage, who is the 4th generation’s Heiress.

Master Pepper is an absent-minded athlete who likes cars and funny. He used to run around in a racing jumpsuit and helmet and was largely ignored, even though he’s one cool dude.

Pepper: “You’re lovin’ me now though, eh biatches?”

Things Master Pepper enjoys include jumping with abandon on the trampoline…

…soaking in the hot tub (like his daddy Julie(n)!)…

…and stalking his second cousin Carrie.

Pepper: “There is an emergency in my trousers.”

Luckily, cousin Carrie has her own ride, and is able to flee faster than Master Pepper’s bike can follow.

The youngest member of the family is currently Young Mistress Jonquil, the SimBot-hybrid child of our current Matriarch and her Consort, Cordell. She is Master Pepper’s half-sister, and had a rather unusual gumby-glitch going on in her toddler and childhood years.

I have no documentation of Jonquil’s favourite pass-times, but as an inappropriate, stuck-up eccentric who preferred to lollygag about on the couch all day, I don’t imagine she did too much more than tinker on her father’s workbench and toil over her homework.

Jonquile: “Is pretty and purple-eyed!”

And is also in possession of some annoying nifty SimBot swagger.

Luckily, the gumby-glitch didn’t follow her into teenhood, yay!

In the interest of further SimBot-hybrid testing, we sent her for a dip in the pool…she didn’t short out, but her energy bar sure drained in a hurry! Fascinating, I know.

And with that, Master Pepper and Miss Jonquil are shipped off to the School of Peace and Love.
Because that’s what we’re all about here at the Legacy Garden, Peace and Love.

Master Pepper sent us a missive shortly after saying how much he was enjoying all that peace and love. It’s possible he was being facetious.

As there are no little ones in the Legacy Garden at present, Winky the Gentleman Child Minder is enjoying a brief respite, interrupted only by the comings and goings of his nemesis, Spaggle the Soup-Can Gnome.

Mrs. Ceres Sprout, our current Matriarch, was the generation 3 Heiress and the granddaughter of our Foundress. She enjoys puttering in her garden…

…and fishing in the pond. As an outdoorsy, friendly, humorous lady in possession of a smexy futuristic catsuit, Ceres is not terribly interesting, but certainly we can’t complain about her manageability…

…her husband, however, is an entirely different kettle of minnows.

Cordell: “You’re party STINKS person I don’t even have in my contacts panel!”

But Mrs. Sprout seems to adore her evil, mean-spirited, inappropriate, gold-digging, second-hand husband. Cordell was originally brought into the family by his first wife, Mrs. Demeter Sprout, after the death of her Consort, Mr. Greenapple…so he is also his second wife’s ex-step father.

Totally normal.

As well as lechery, Cordell is proficient in painting, inventing, and handiness. He churns out cheap, creepy toys to scare the children with, and paints us lots of bank-fodder when we run low on funds.

Cordell: *loves self*

And that brings us to our current Heiress, generation 4’s Miss Iris Sprout. Good, friendly, vegetarian perfectionist that she is. And her favourite colour is grey.
If Miss Iris was your supper, you’d be eating yourself some dry whole grain toast with a glass of water.

*le sigh*

Miss Iris is partial to art and music, so we’re assuming there is some kind of jazzy broad hiding under all that boring somewhere.

Iris: “Actually, I really prefer classical to jazz.”

Oh well, at least she’s cute.

Welp, that about wraps up the recap, hopefully we’re now all on the same page in terms of who’s who.

Ceres: “Now what do we do?”

I thought maybe we could secure the next Simself Legacy Consort for your daughter…cuz there’s no way we’re passing Cordell down a third time.

Ceres: “Ahaha, you say that now…”

Just hurry it along and buzz in if you please.

Ceres: “And who, pray tell, lives here?”

Ehehe, you’ll see.

Ceres: “Oh, hai vampire.”


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