Chapter 20 ~ Miracle Grow

Welcome back, intrepid simmers! To…oh ho! What is this??

NOT 53 Waterfall Way.

Here we have 261 Valley View Drive, Moonlight Falls.

Dark. Foggy. Moonlighty.

It occurs to me that it’s only fair to re-cap a smidge, because there’s just no way in hell anyone remembers what’s going on here; fo reals.

Cordell Sprout and our eldery fourth Matriarch, Mrs. Ceres Sprout, are still alive and kickin’

He’s still mean, she’s still goofy, they still mack on each other whenever they’re not blowing shiz up and drinking in the hot tub.

Fun Cordell Fact: Was also married to Mrs. Sprout’s mother, Mrs. Demeter Sprout.
Fun Ceres Fact: She’s had children by 4 different fathers; a Burglar, a gender-crossed SimSelf, a SimSelf love child, and a SimBot (Cordell, duh)

The Heiress in residence, Mrs. Iris Sprout, is quite possibly the polar opposite of her promiscuous mother; she married her first and only love, SimSelf Dr. Suvie Tofu.

We weren’t terribly fond of this Mrs. Sprout to begin with, but we’ve since grown to appreciate her particular brand of tepidity. Also, her and Dr. Suvie are adorable together, so that helps.

Fun Suvie Fact: used to be a vampire.
Fun Iris Fact: LOL, yeah right.

As of this point, there are two kiddies in the Legacy Garden: the Young Misses Rowen and Aspen Sprout; Miss Jonquil struck out on her own shortly after the boys were born last chapter (I forgot to take a pic, doh).

Oh. Right. The boys…yeah, do you really need a pic and an update? Me neither.

Both the Young Misses are off at the School of Peace and Love learning about warm fuzzy things. Also, Young Mistress Rowen is a vampire.

And now you know. Shall we carry one? Oh yes, lets!

Trog-gnome: “Heeeeeeere, kitty, kitty, kitty…”

After much deliberation (at least 3 minutes worth) we agreed this supernatural haven would suit our needs best (by virtue of needing no upgrading of any sort), so we packed up all of our Sun Valley relatives (and various other hangers-on), and rented a massive party bus to transport the whole works over in one go.

It’s a nice change, though we’ve had to sort out the lean-to bedrooms and make them trellis-roofed glass-pods to keep the Sprouts from over/under heating.

And then this happened.

Miss Carrie is Mr. Leaf Sprout’s granddaughter, and of course Mr. Pepper Cheese-Sprout is Mrs. Ceres Sprout’s middle son. >.>

In hindsight, I suppose we should have seen this coming, given the early indicators…

And directly after the pop-ups…

Ceres: “Whatevs; Gma-C wants MOAR GRANBABIES. Get on it kids.”


I suppose we lost our moral high ground on this issue when we bred Miss Cordelia and Master Ash.

*le sigh* At least they’re making honest Sprouts of one another.

Suvie: “Aw, baby!”

See? Told you we knocked her up.

I’m anticipating another pair of single births, but, HOPEFULLY, this time they’ll be girls. GREEN ONES.

Both Mrs. Iris and Dr. Suvie got this charming desire shortly after.

Iris: “My big brother is married!” *tickled pink*

PS: Sprouts like incest.

Gratuitous cute kitteh pic; because you might need to wipe the incest from your eyes.

Rocky: *frolicks*


Burglar: “Mehehehe, gonna get me some PHAT legacy loot!”

Burglar: “Hurm, that’s odd, where are all the phat loots? I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE EXPENSIVE STATUES.”

We roused the troops and commanded all four of them to call the police…

Trog-gnome: “Dieee!”

And quite forgot that the gate is locked.

Fairy Po-po: “Hello? Someone order an officer of the law? Guys? Sort of locked out here, no idea how that burglar managed to get in, but, whew! Lemme tell ya! That is one TRICKSY lock you all have there! Hur hur hur.”

Luckily, just the threat of the police is enough to dissuade our intruder.

Burglar: “Also, you all have, like, NOTHING worth burgling.”

And no one got the burgled moodlet either; win.

Iris: “Sweet plumbob; I hope I’m having a boy.”

Ceres: “Not as much as I wanna see that punk Julie’s ghost.”

You are both drunk. Go to bed.

Also, Mrs. Sprout is an impressive 92 days old at this point.

Ceres: “Am still a good catch.”

You kind of are, you smarmy thing.

Don’t be deceived by his nasty traits and excessive wife banging; Cordell Sprout is really just a big softy. Here he is talking to his daughter on the phone about unicorns after cooing over the babies.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14
And then he had a good cry over the new cat toy.

Cordell: “I’m just so conflicted right now, don’t look at me!”

Cordell only loves Dogwood though; he watches/plays with Dogwood and rolls up wants to steal Cedar’s candy and “accidentally” turns Cedar’s chair on high speed when I’m not looking. >.>

Also, Sprout Memorial Gardens; it’s a work in progress.

Was this always a thing? How did I miss this?

Dinosaur: *loves warm preggo belly and chin rubs*

Sweet plumbob, the cuteness!

Later that night…

Iris: “Oh Cheebus, not this again…”

She looks so worn out.

Simmers, meet Wee Mistress Mahogany Sprout…

…and her sisters, the Wee Mistresses Cherry, Teak, and Rosewood.

Iris: “2 green ones; woot.”

Passive-aggressive much?

She went all the way out to the road to squirt out the last 3 next to the cowplant. =_=

We roused the troops out of bed to help us deal with the invasion babies, and soon everyone was tucked away, swinging with mindless joy.

Crap. Fudge. Dick-in-a-box…what are we going to do if Dr. Suvie has a litter as well? MADNESS I TELL YOU.

Thank Plumbob for swingy chairs of mindless joy.

Also, Rocky is not a baby kitteh anymore D:

Cordell and Gma-C are now on FULL TIME BABY DUTY…

Wee Master Dogwood Tofu-Sprout has inherited the muted purple eyes and is by far the smilier of the two…

Whereas Wee Master Cedar Tofu-Sprout is a touch more sullen and prone to fits, but has the brighter purple eyes of his forebear, Mr. Lief Greenapple!

Cedar: *moue*

I blame Cordell.

Also, yes, we dressed them like twins, they pretty much are though, right?

The Tofu-Sprout Almost-Twins are also the first legacy spawn to be willfully neglected…toddler education; ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

Greetings Ms. Bonehilda, welcome to a life of scouring legacy toities and cleaning up kitteh puke.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: keep the Legacy Garden from going to shambles while everyone scrambles to keep a herd of Sproutlings alive.

Bonehilda: “Sweet. Whur is the kitteh puke?”

Suvie: *oof*

Oh Plumbob, we’re so scurred…

Welcome to the legacy Wee Mistress Cypress Sprout!

Aaaaand, Wee Mistresses Willow and Camellia Sprout.

Dr. Suvie one up’s her wife in Rather Unfortunate Spawning Areas, and waddles to the area next door to deliver her second and third pups.

Well…at least they’re not quads? *cries and rocks in a corner*

Suvie: “Welp, my work here is done! In the pram with you Willow; CAMELLIA, HEEL!”

No worries, Gma-C charged on out there and rescued the abandoned pinky.

Seven. Babies.


That has to be some sort of record. Somewhere.

The living room has been transformed into Swing Central. It’s like the Twilight Zone in there.

Fun Legacy Tips With Craxy: children’s TV + children’s music + overstuffing mods = PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

The more you know.

Looking at all these pod-people is making me feel exhausted, let’s cut this off here and all go take a nap!

But not on this bed, because under-bed-monsters, clearly.

Next time in the Legacy Garden; pain and suffering.
7 babies worth of pain and suffering.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 20 ~ Miracle Grow”

  1. Wow, you’re back. And with 7 babies. It’s too much. What were you thinking?
    I can’t to see what happens next…


    • Inorite? I am a foolish, foolish woman. Yeah, I fully admit I get distracted by other games for long periods of time and neglect my sims; I do *intend* to finish this legacy though. Thanks for reading! ❤


  2. Quads are the devil. I didn’t know you could get them with the mods and I ended up with octuplets (2 sets of quads with same parents born at same time). SHUDDER.


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